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Interests Meme

It's been a while since I did this one. Who wants to play?

From komikbookgeek: Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.


Invincible is a comic book series by Robert Kirkman and published by Image. It's about a teenager whose father is his world's "Superman" and finally discovers his powers. It starts out like many teen superhero stories, but it quickly becomes darker as he discovers that his father's purpose for being on earth is not all it seems...

It just passed 50 issues, and is a lot of fun. MTV has even created a video/comic hybrid series ( to learn more).


Moonlight is a show that ran during the 2007-2008 season on CBS. A vampire detective show... you know the type. It seemed pretty predictable at first, but the longer it was on the air, the better the writing and acting became. But alas, cancelled. I'll miss it. :(


Another teen superhero book (published by Marvel), this time about a team of superpowered kids. Brian K. Vaughan created it, based on the premise: "You know how every kid thinks his parents are evil? What if they really were?" The team works to stop their evil superpowered parents, and then deal with the aftermath.

The first 24-ish issues were written by Vaughan, then Joss Whedon took over for an arc. Finally, Terry Moore will be starting his run at the end of August 2008. I'm really looking forward to that - as my next interest will show...

strangers in paradise

Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise was the first creator-owned comic I ever read (on the recommendation of kalalanekent) -- and wow. This series, which ran for over 100 issues, is about a trio of friends. The lesbian, the straight girl she loves, and the boy who loves her. But their relationship is so much more complicated and satisfying than my simplistic description.

Add to this a really great suspense plot, some great comedy, and heart-breaking tragedy... plus an unforgettable cast of characters... This is one of the all-time great comics out there, IMHO.

they might be giants

My favorite band of all time! Anyone who visits my profile would see that immediately. I have every album, have memorized most of their songs...

They are quirky, interesting, geeky... they don't just write about the same old stuff. Music for the brain, and for the silly side as well. And they just keep going, after 20+ years they are still recording, and hooking a new generation on their music. :)

I love to travel. And I haven't been to nearly as many places as I'd like. I've been to: most of the USA, parts of Canada and Mexico, Germany, Denmark, France, Egypt, the UAE, Singapore and Japan. I'd most like to go to: Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Eastern Europe, China, South East Asia...

It's the reason I'm on LiveJournal in the first place! I love to write. My fanfiction is finally slowing down, though, to take a back seat to my original novel, which is still in the beginning stages. It is now outlined, the preliminary research is almost done, and about 1500 words are written. It's a slow starter, but I tend to jump into the big projects without looking. So I'm taking my time with this one. Hopefully the final product will be worth it!
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