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Birthday Fic Round-Up (and new layout, too!)

Hey, everyone -- I figured that since the birthday fic deadline had passed, I should possibly summarize the list! Thank you to everyone who requested one, it really helped me stretch my abilities. *hugs*

I will still write the odd fic or two, but mostly for people who never got one the first time around. ♥

Total number: 50
Number of fandoms: 12
Total number of words: 77,740

empressaurelius: ♥Enthusiasm (PG - one-shot - 671 words) While in Vegas, Hiro tests out his powers and Ando tries out his luck with the ladies.

bistyboo1974: ♥Trading Places (PG - one-shot - 1,014 words) With Kensei incapacitated, Hiro must don the armor once more, to fight alongside the girl of his dreams. Set early in Season 2, after Episode 203, Kindred.

syreene: ♥Passing Notes (PG - one-shot - 504 words) Crossover with X-Men. Let’s just imagine that Mr. Bennet didn’t move the family to Costa Verde, but instead to upstate New York…

ksarasara: ♥Fight or...? (PG - one-shot - 1,003 words) Claire and West have different ways of dealing with adversity... Claire/West, set after Episode 207, Out of Time.

ibonekoen: ♥Playful (G - one-shot - 599 words) Peter and a kitten. Do you need more summary than this? :D

jen_in_japan: ♥Peace of Heart (G - one-shot - 810 words) An exploration of Noah and Sandra Bennet’s relationship based on their historical namesakes. Post Season 2.

Lois and Clark: TNAOS
mrsmosley: ♥Hard Choices (PG - one-shot - 1,138 words) Trapped by terrorists in the editor-in-chief’s office at the Daily Planet with all of his colleagues – and Lex Luthor – Clark ponders just how to save them all without revealing himself. Based on Season 1 episode, "Fly Hard."

kitkaos: ♥Costumes (PG - WIP - Someday I'll finish this, I swear!) When Clark shows up at the Planet’s costume party unprepared, Lois improvises with surprising results.

therealmarajade: ♥Four Times Lois Lane Pretended She Wasn't Jealous (And One Time She Didn't Bother Pretending) (PG - one-shot - 1,591 words) Lois finds out how uncomfortable it is to have the shoe on the other foot. Based on Season 2 episode, "Church of Metropolis."

louisemcgregor: ♥Confession (PG - one-shot - 1,284 words) I want my Chimmy! Indulge me a little fixit fic for the last scene of Smallville 704, Cure.

oxy_irony: ♥It's Your Birthday, Lois Lane (PG - one-shot - 1,400 words) Clark decides to do something nice for Lois’ birthday, possibly at his peril. No spoilers for Season 7 by request.

chickadilly: ♥Shipwrecked (PG - one-shot - 1,308 words) Assigned a puff piece to write, Lois gets a little help from Chloe in understanding the odd phenomenon of shipping wars. Cracky fluff! :)

adja999: ♥Do or Dye (PG - one-shot - 1,576 words) Chloe, Jimmy, Lois and Clark are spending an evening helping dye eggs for The Daily Planet’s charity egg hunt when things take an unexpected turn… Crack!fic.

moonshayde: ♥What Not to Wear (PG - one-shot - 1,285 words) Clark asks Lois to help him dress for his first day at the Daily Planet.

ancarett: ♥In Vino Veritas (PG - one-shot - 1,034 words) Lois takes Clark out for drinks to get his mind off his troubles. But Lois can’t get her mind off of something else…

lilyoftheval5: ♥Scion (PG - 8 chs. - 14,500 words) Chloe, Clark and Lois encounter a strange visitor… from another dimension. Smallville/Superman Returns crossover. Mostly set in the Smallville universe, with a few comics/toonverse touches.

babettew54: ♥Promise (PG - one-shot - 957 words) What if Chloe hadn’t interrupted Lois and Clark at the beginning of “Arctic”?

jenn_1: ♥At Least For Tonight (G - one-shot - 870 words) Peter Parker feels like he has lost almost everything in the aftermath of Civil War. But he is not alone in his loss… Post-Civil War, Back in Black arc.

mark_clark: ♥Freeze-Frame (PG-13 - one-shot - 1387 words) While trying to set up a special photograph, Peter thinks back to some of the photos he has taken of the loves of his life. Classic comicverse.

fairfax_verde: ♥Learning Together (G - one-shot - 839 words) A week after Peter comes to live with them, May and Peter do a little bonding.

stolenpostit: ♥The Guy At Table Three (PG - one-shot - 1,850 words) Movieverse: On Lily’s first day of work, she realizes something ‘amazing’ about the guy at Table Three.

jadeblood: ♥Come to My Senses (PG - one-shot - 596 words) “Harry Osborn’s senses only register in some distant part of his mind, the part that can still objectively notice the world around him. A part of him which has long since been buried by pain, anger, betrayal… and watered with drugs, alcohol and his father’s blood.” Movieverse.

dragontail: ♥The Perfect Choice (G - one-shot - 1,052 words) Peter and little May shop for Mary Jane’s birthday gift. Comicverse, pre-Spider-Girl / anti-One More Day AU.

liliaeth: ♥Next in Line (PG - one-shot - 1,612 words) When Peter Parker unmasked in front of national television, he sort of forgot to warn everyone… Comicverse, before Civil War.

mark_clark: ♥What She Wants (PG-13 - one-shot - 2,235 words) After Peter and Gwen’s first date, Peter can’t figure out why things aren’t quite right. Spectacular Spider-Man toonverse.

Superman movieverse
clioidae: ♥Struggle (PG - one-shot - 1,474 words) While on assignment, Lois and Clark follow a lead with almost disastrous results.

heartnut: ♥The Sound of Silence (G - one-shot - 866 words) Clark has just told Richard and Lois the truth about his identity… and Lois’ reaction is not quite what he expected…

kabuki_party: ♥Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness (PG - one-shot - 1,579 words) A busy day without Clark is made just a little cheerier for Lois.

thrace_adams: ♥Trust Me (PG - one-shot? - 748 words) “After the millions of scenarios he had run through his mind, this was the very last one he would have wished for.”

kara_el: ♥'Tis the Season (PG - one-shot - 948 words) When Clark unexpectedly is home for the evening, Lois and Jason look forward to spending some time with him. But the spirit of the season has other ideas… [Déjà-verse]

kalalanekent: ♥The Packing List (PG - one-shot - 1,252 words) It’s always difficult to figure out what to take on a business trip... A slightly-AU missing scene from Superman II: The Donner Cut.

saavikam77: ♥Sunrise, Sunset (G - one-shot - 602 words) The sun rises on a day of endings.

professorjulia: ♥Umbra et Lumens (G - one-shot - 791 words) Sometimes it's nice to be a superpowered dad. [Future Déjà-verse]

sean_montgomery: ♥Warmth (PG-13 - one-shot - 1,085 words) The power’s off, the house is cold... all Lois wants is a little warmth.

taro_twist: ♥Hide-And-Seek (PG - one-shot - 1,770 words) Jason is really good at hide-and-seek. Set in a pre-Clois timeline.

januaried: ♥Long Past Time (PG - one-shot - 1,050 words) Led by an impulse she can’t explain, Lois finds Clark in his rundown apartment... and confronts him. An AU version of “the only decent scene” (according to many Clois fans) in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

autumnrae89: ♥The Smallest Thing (PG - one-shot - 1,421 words) Sometimes the smallest thing can change your entire point of view. For the prompt, Superman Returns and peaches.

brdwaybebe: ♥Come Rain or Come Shine (G - one-shot - 747 words) A "ridiculously fluffy singing fic." [Future Déjà-verse.]

ellalou73: ♥Words Fail (PG - one-shot - 1,348 words) A few months after the fateful kiss, Lois has invited Clark to dinner at her place… and Clark has no idea what to expect. Original movieverse, post Superman II.

oldromantic: ♥Going Up (PG - one-shot - 1,801 words) An elevator. An electrical storm. An emergency.

alphielj: ♥Fair Play (G - one-shot - 1,676 words) “Jason,” Lois was telling him. “These carnival games are rigged. You’d just be wasting another dollar. Don’t you want some cotton candy or something instead?”

beatrice_otter: ♥Dear Lois (PG - one-shot - 796 words) “Dear Lois, I know this probably seems cowardly, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to you for weeks…”

winddancer55945: ♥True Power (G - 593 words - Justice League) A few Justice League members discuss the meaning of true power with Oprah Winfrey.

foxtwin: ♥Victoria's Secret (PG - one-shot - 4,200 words - Pirates of Penzance) 25 years after the Pirates of Penzance story ends, at the dawning of a new century, the children of the original cast of characters struggle with questions of love and purpose. Written with tongue firmly in cheek.

languagejunkie: ♥Mr. Monk and the Senator's Offer (PG - possible WIP - 645 words - Monk) When Natalie gets an offer to work for someone else, she struggles between her affection for Mr. Monk and the opportunity of a lifetime. Might be eventually continued if there is more interest and I have time.

seraphkre: ♥A Touch of Care (PG-13 - one-shot - 1,818 words - Justice League) Bruce Wayne may think he doesn't need anyone's help... but that isn't going to stop Diana.

van_el: ♥Boredom Strikes (PG - one-shot - 843 words - Runaways) Chase doesn't really have any superpowers... unless you count relieving boredom as one of them.

katsie: ♥Appearances (G - one-shot - 515 words - Howl's Moving Castle) Howl's thoughts after he sees Sophie asleep as a young woman.

maaike_fluffy: ♥Remembrance (G - one-shot - 1,408 words - Pushing Daisies) Twenty years after baking his first pie, Ned finds that the best remembrances are shared.

jenn_1: ♥Sparkle (G - one-shot - 563 words - Twilight series) Bella contemplates her wedding and her new life to come one sunny afternoon. WAFFy to the max. :D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And my new layout banner comes from the lovely and talented stolenpostit - a fellow fan of the Spectacular Spider-Man series. ♥
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