Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

On semi-hiatus

I've been really busy with a summer class and I am leaving tomorrow for vacation until July 21st. As a result, there will probably be no:

1) fic updates (generally)

2) commenting on LJ-entries (though I may randomly drop in on some)

3) chat

There will be:

1) supes_mv_awards-related business taken care of (three more days - vote, peeps!)

2) one fic update - a birthday fic

So, for me, please:

If you've posted fic this week that hasn't been reviewed, and you want to make sure I do - comment here! Also, anything I miss during the next 10 days, I want to know about, too. Personal, fandom, fic...

I promise to do my best to catch up when I return. I am taking a to-be-read pile with me, so you may get random comments on stories here and there. :)

*waves bye*
Tags: personal

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