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Do the happy dance! It's done!

I finally finished it!  *shakes her 'bootie' like Clark*

Now it's off to the betas.  I have a meeting tonight - get paid for piano lessons and collect up my Christmas music - but if it's finished by the time I get back, I will post it before bed. :)  If not, look for it tomorrow.  ETA: Back from my meeting.  Got it back from 1 of 3.  It's probably going up Monday afternoon (US EST). 

And now for...


(A/N: This comes from earlier in the chapter than the last teaser...)

Lois’ eyes locked with Richard’s across the newsroom. Why is he looking at us? Has he figured it out? Has he seen what I didn’t for years? Perry seemed just as focused on them, eyebrows lowered in… Was that suspicion? Consternation? Judgment?

The moment seemed to stretch interminably. Lois felt trapped by their gazes, unable to think, to move.
Beside her, Clark smiled and waved goofily at them, lifting the lacquer container. He raised his eyebrows, tilted his head, and pointed into the box as if to say ‘Want some?’ Perry held up a hand to decline – her ex-fiancé simply shook his head, and turned back to his uncle. Clark gave a little shrug and dug back into his food.
Lois was astonished and impressed at the same time. Suddenly a flash of memory… she wouldn’t exactly call it déjà vu… hit her: 
Richard leaned over conspiratorially. “Lois… how tall would you say Clark is?”
Lois looked over at where Clark was standing, examining the contents of a file box in his arms. “6′3″, 6′4″…”
“About two hundred, two fifteen pounds?”
She looked again. Clark turned coincidentally in their direction, saw them gazing his way, and gave them a goofy wave. Both Richard and Lois snickered, embarrassed at even considering the idea that Clark might be Superman.
Effortlessly, Clark had used his non-threatening persona to throw them off the scent. It had worked like a charm on her. And now it seemed perfectly obvious that Clark had been listening in on that conversation.
She broke herself out of her reverie. “You’re so good at that,” she marveled quietly.

He swallowed another roll. “Years of practice.” 


*dances into the sunset*  *goes to check f-list and then to bed*
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