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DV Ch. 27 Status

Okay, now we're at 1,285 words (about halfway) 1,950 words (four-fifths done). Slow progress is taking place.  I'm just tired and distractible today.  And everyone else's posts and chats seem infinitely more interesting than writing for some reason. *yawn*

But I promised a teaser once I had the bit about the article decided on, so here it is:


Lois shook her head and looked back through the office window. Richard had some sort of printout in his hands. “I’m sorry, is Richard reading something now?”
He listened for a moment. “Maybe it was the article we turned in after…um… Superman defeated General Zod and his cohorts…” Clark’s voice changed again. “…sounds like Lois was kidnapped or something… but there’s nothing in here about where they took her or how the Kryptonian criminals were defeated…”
“No, it would have been a front-page exclusive, too! I could never get that out of her. I think she even kept it from the police.” Clark’s tone softened and she heard a warmth and concern that few ever did from Perry White, even filtered through Clark’s astounding super-hearing. “Something about what happened really shook her up, Richard. She told me she was just protecting Superman… but I suspect it was more than that.”
Richard leaned over, posture very interested. “Oh?”

“I asked her again about it a few days later… and she acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about… I guess everyone deals with trauma in their own way.”


I hope I feel more focused tomorrow!

ETA: Feeling better today... have more done.  I will hit you all with another teaser when I do finally finish!
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