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Smallville/Superman Returns/LoSH crossover: Scion, 4/8

Title: Scion, 4/8
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Smallville/Superman Returns/Legion of Superheroes crossover. Mostly set in the Smallville universe, with a few comics/toonverse touches.
Rating: PG
Word Count: Part 4: 1,150 words
Betas: van_el, jenn_1, mark_clark
Summary: Chloe, Clark and Lois encounter a strange visitor… from another dimension.

Author’s Note: This thing just keeps growing the more I write it out! Plot bunny, you come back here…! *sigh*

Previously: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Clark tensed and readied for action. Who are these people? And what are they doing in my Fortress! His stomach was already in knots – as much as an invulnerable stomach could be – because of all of the revelations of the last three hours.

And Lois had hardly batted an eyelash when she had been told all of this – that in an alternate reality, Lois and Clark (who was a superpowered alien from the planet Krypton, both here and in the alternate reality) were married and Jason was their superpowered son.

There was something horribly wrong about that.

For a moment, he wondered if this Lois was also from some alternate dimension…

But there was no time to worry about that anymore. “Who are you?” he demanded, voice full of mistrust. Were they Zoners? Some undiscovered threat?

The green one came forward another step. “I apologize. My name is B… Querl Dox, and this is my compatriot, Imra Ardeen. We are from the 31st century, and members of the Legion of Superheroes. Clark Kent, we believe we can help with young Jason’s plight.”

“31st Century?” Jason asked in wonder.

“Legion of Superheroes?” Chloe added, just as amazed. Lois remained silent, tightening her grip on Jason.

“Yes,” the blonde girl, Imra, answered, her voice soothing and melodious. “This is our team insignia.” She gestured to her belt, which contained a stylized ‘L’ on a circle of gold. “We’re very much like your Justice League.”

Querl, the green one, had lifted his arm, and had been tapping buttons on a computerized display there. “They aren’t publicly active in this reality, Imra. At least I don’t think so…” He trailed off, mumbling to himself as he punched more buttons, “And Lois Lane shouldn’t even be here. Chloe Sullivan, on the other hand…”

The fact that these strangers knew everyone’s names, and were aware of Oliver Queen’s clandestine group made Clark even more suspicious. His eyebrows drew down in challenge. “I don’t trust people who just barge into my life without a better explanation than that. I can’t afford to. How do you know who we are?”

Imra and Querl shared another long glance. “This is a bit different. Our Clark was much more accepting…” Imra said with apparent concern.

“This Clark has had a much more difficult journey than our Clark had,” Querl answered Imra, ignoring Clark altogether. “If you study his file, you will see that he has considerable cause for his suspicion.”


All eyes turned to Lois. Her previous shell-shocked expression was replaced with one of her usual annoyance. “He asked you a question. Or have people forgotten about manners in the 31st century?”

Querl chuckled, murmuring to Imra, “Well, there’s one thing that isn’t different here…” Louder, he said, “I’m sorry, how rude we must seem. In the future, the events of the 21st century are a matter of historical record. And we are aware of the various dimensions that exist in harmony with our own. It was not easy to find you here, but as I possess a 12th level intellect, I was able to calculate the correct time-space vector for the Time Bubble.”

Chloe moved beside Clark, though she stayed behind his still-upraised arm. “All right, I guess I can accept you’re some sort of time travelers… or dimension hoppers… but what’s this business about ‘this Clark’ and ‘our Clark’?”

Lois called from behind, “And why in the he—” She broke off, probably remembering Jason, “—heck would anyone care about us 1000 years from now?”

“Well… in our dimension, Clark Kent is revered as a hero,” Imra explained. “He was actually our inspiration for creating the Legion of Superheroes. There is even a museum dedicated to Sup—”

“Imra!” Querl interrupted. “It’s too early to tell him about that—!”

“You mean ‘Superman’?” Clark asked impatiently. He still wasn’t sure what to think about that. Apparently his doubles in more than one reality had become a public superhero. Was that what the future held for him? A life of living as ‘Earth’s alien protector’? He pushed down a feeling of rebellion – he didn’t want to believe that his destiny was already predetermined.

Querl’s face fell. “Yes. I suppose Jason explained to you about his father?”

They all nodded.

“No wonder the dimensions are in such flux. Changing history can be very damaging to any reality… more than one has collapsed in crisis…”

“Blah, blah, blah, ‘the butterfly effect’ and all that,” Lois moved with Jason to Clark’s other side. “Are you here to fix it? Because if I were Jason’s mom…”

Clark and Chloe turned to look at her with an identical raised eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know what I mean,” Lois growled. “If I were the other me, I’d be out of my mind with worry. I bet his dad is, too. The longer we stand around here yapping about dimensions and alternate realities, the longer it takes to get him home.”

“Well, actually, I can bring Jason back to the exact moment when he disappeared from his own dimension. How long we discuss these issues is irrelevant to—”

“Querl…” Imra chided gently.

“Wait a moment, Lois. All of you. I’m not willing to hand Jason over to the two of you. You could be anyone. You could be the very people responsible for him being in this dimension in the first place.” Clark made himself as tall and menacing as he could, dropping his voice at least an octave. “If you take him with you, you’ll need to take me, too. With all your technology, I’m sure you would be able to return me back here?”

“Actually, we were going to offer that you come along with us. You see…” Querl raised his arm to tap a few more buttons. “…according to my calculations, unless you both go, we have very little chance of stopping him.”

“Him?” This was getting ridiculous.


Like that is supposed to help. Clark gave him a blank stare.

“He is an extremely powerful sorcerer in the 31st century. Somehow he was able to travel to Jason’s dimension and send him here with…” Querl shuddered briefly before continuing. “…magic. We have not yet determined why.”

“But I’m useless against magic…” Clark began, then shook his head “…but you probably already know that. What can I possibly do?”

Querl’s lips tightened. “I must tell you the truth, I am gravely troubled by this. I am hoping that we will be able to determine a plan once we have returned Jason to his correct time and place. Because if we cannot…”

Imra placed a hand on Querl’s arm consolingly.

He nodded and continued. “…my calculations suggest that any other permutation is doomed to failure. You must come.”

Coming was already an absolute certainty, but Clark couldn’t help but ask. “Or…?”

“Jason’s dimension will cease to exist.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next: Part 5
Tags: fanfiction, smallville, superman returns

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