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Ch. 27 Outline - Opinions, anyone?

First of all, DV Ch. 27 outline is finished and discussed!  My beta and I had quite the series of emails over a certain subject.  Maybe you all could weigh in:

What do you think Lois and Clark would have turned in for their first story after the Zod incident?  As we all know from Superman II, Lois and Clark were on assignment in Niagara Falls when Lois discovered Clark's identity.  From there, they went to the Fortress and... enjoyed spending time together.... while Zod and his cronies terrorized Earth.

So, the issue is... which of these scenarios do you find the most likely?

a) After Superman saved the Earth, Lois and Clark ignored the honeymoon article, and focused on the big story - Zod.  Lois' writing was not up to snuff due to being a basket case.  Clark super-kissed her and she went back to being good ol' Lois.

b) Lois and Clark glossed over what happened at the Fortress (to protect Superman and the location of the Fortress).  They turned in the honeymoon article.  Lois behaved as if she was not in the loop, for the first time ever regarding Superman... was a basket case... super-kiss... see a)

c) They decided to write both, probably not up to the usual standards due to all the drama they just went through.  basket case... kiss... blah blah.

d) Some other idea?

Basically, my chapter is not GREATLY affected by which one of these I decide to use.  I will not tell you which one I lean toward, I'll just say that each of these choices has its proponents.  The point is, Perry will have noticed Lois' odd behavior after the Zod incident, and then will have also noticed that she seemed back to her old self.

Finally, I have 322 words done!  Teaser later. 

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