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So, I just spammed a lot of your friends' pages with advertising for the 2008 supes_mv_awards, right?

Well, considering that this year I don't have an epic in the running (It's someone else's turn! Good luck, guys!) I thought I'd make a handy list of what I wrote that qualifies for the awards - all of it either in the Super-Short or Short Category, though they would also qualify for a few of the other Genre and Moments categories. So, my Superman movieverse fanfiction written between June 2007 and June 2008:

Impressions (R - 2 chs. - 7,500 words) Lois and Clark’s wedding – seen through the eyes of several of the people closest to them. [Déjà-verse]

The Suitcase (PG - one-shot - 2,256 words) When Jimmy stumbles across Clark’s battered suitcase in the storage closet, he begins to wonder just what is going on…

Struggle (PG - one-shot - 1,474 words) While on assignment, Lois and Clark follow a lead with almost disastrous results.

The Sound of Silence (G - one-shot - 866 words) Clark has just told Richard and Lois the truth about his identity… and Lois’ reaction is not quite what he expected…

Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness (PG - one-shot - 1,579 words) A busy day without Clark is made just a little cheerier for Lois.

Trust Me (PG - one-shot? - 748 words) “After the millions of scenarios he had run through his mind, this was the very last one he would have wished for.”

'Tis the Season (PG - one-shot - 948 words) When Clark unexpectedly is home for the evening, Lois and Jason look forward to spending some time with him. But the spirit of the season has other ideas… [Déjà-verse]

The Packing List (PG - one-shot - 1,252 words) It’s always difficult to figure out what to take on a business trip... A slightly-AU missing scene from Superman II: The Donner Cut.

Sunrise, Sunset (G - one-shot - 602 words) The sun rises on a day of endings.

Up on the Housetop (G - one-shot - 1,788 words) Clark is suddenly called away on Christmas Eve, leaving Lois and Jason to pass the time until he returns. [Déjà-verse]

Umbra et Lumens (G - one-shot - 791 words) Sometimes it's nice to be a superpowered dad. [Future Déjà-verse]

Warmth (PG-13 - one-shot - 1,085 words) The power’s off, the house is cold... all Lois wants is a little warmth.

Hide-And-Seek (PG - one-shot - 1,770 words) Jason is really good at hide-and-seek. Set in a pre-Clois timeline.

Long Past Time (PG - one-shot - 1,050 words) Led by an impulse she can’t explain, Lois finds Clark in his rundown apartment... and confronts him. An AU version of “the only decent scene” (according to many Clois fans) in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

The Smallest Thing (PG - one-shot - 1,421 words) Sometimes the smallest thing can change your entire point of view. For the prompt, Superman Returns and peaches.

Kiss Me (PG-13 - one-shot - 5,128 words) It has been weeks since the almost-kiss on the rooftop... and all either Lois or Clark can think about is finishing what they started.

Come Rain or Come Shine (G - one-shot - 747 words) A "ridiculously fluffy singing fic." [Future Déjà-verse.]

Words Fail (PG - one-shot - 1,348 words) A few months after the fateful kiss, Lois has invited Clark to dinner at her place… and Clark has no idea what to expect. Original movieverse, post Superman II.

Going Up (PG - one-shot - 1,801 words) An elevator. An electrical storm. An emergency.

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