Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Okay, so if anyone really wants to see what we talked about...

[19:58] htbthomas: Hey all!
[19:58] babettew54: 2 mins, hey everyone
[19:59] laramoon: (squee!)
[19:59] mark_clark: Rejoice, I am here!!
[19:59] htbthomas: There are a few more coming, but they haven't checked in yet
[19:59] mark_clark: Howdy all.
[20:00] mark_clark: Here we go!!
[20:00] htbthomas: *having a hard time containing squee*
[20:00] laramoon: :D
[20:01] babettew54: oh recap
[20:01] laramoon: /dances!!
[20:01] mark_clark: The plane, the plane!!
[20:02] *** sean_montgomery has joined the chat.
[20:02] babettew54: heading north...oh no
[20:05] babettew54: that opening scene with the plane was cool
[20:05] sean_montgomery: So, who thinks that Kara totally kicks butt when she wants to?
[20:06] babettew54: oh yeah
[20:06] laramoon: oh yeah, she really does!
[20:06] htbthomas: I spoiled myself crazy on this ep, but I will be quiet
[20:06] htbthomas: Yes, I agree.
[20:06] mark_clark: She sure does.
[20:06] sean_montgomery: *waggles finger* No telling, Mom
[20:06] htbthomas: She was completely annoying to me at first, but now I like her
[20:06] mark_clark: I know the odd thing about this one as well.
[20:06] laramoon: same - hated her when she first arrived, but she's really cool now
[20:06] babettew54: haven't heard anything about Kara coming back next year??
[20:06] htbthomas: *gives Abby the LOOK* Of course, darling
[20:06] htbthomas: Oh, that's right! Anyone?
[20:06] mark_clark: No, but I hope she does.
[20:07] babettew54: me too
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *counters the LOOK with teh glare*
[20:07] mark_clark: LOL
[20:07] htbthomas: *crosses arms*
[20:07] htbthomas: *taps foot*
[20:07] babettew54: oh oh
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *stomps food*
[20:07] laramoon: lol!
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *foot
[20:07] sean_montgomery: LOL
[20:07] htbthomas: *arches eyebrow*
[20:07] mark_clark: Damn it, Abby!! That was my foot.
[20:07] htbthomas: lol
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *imitates*
[20:08] sean_montgomery: (sorry Mark)
[20:08] laramoon: (dang ads... too... many...)
[20:08] htbthomas: BACK!
[20:08] babettew54: any else joining in?
[20:08] sean_montgomery: Angry female Kryptonian...
[20:08] htbthomas: Bisty, Trekkie and Pie_is_good were supposed to come but no sign yet
[20:09] sean_montgomery: BAD Lex!
[20:10] laramoon: aww! poor Jimmy
[20:10] htbthomas: GOOD Lex
[20:10] mark_clark: Oh Lex, he has fallen to the darkside pretty darn good.
[20:10] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!
[20:10] htbthomas: *lurves*
[20:10] sean_montgomery: :D
[20:10] laramoon: oh hee! :)
[20:10] mark_clark: Go, Lois!!
[20:10] sean_montgomery: *cackles*
[20:10] sean_montgomery: YES
[20:10] mark_clark: Damn right!!
[20:10] laramoon: yes, greater things in life!!!!
[20:10] htbthomas: I can't wait to see how he actually decides
[20:10] laramoon: :D
[20:10] sean_montgomery: And with his Blackberry by his side...
[20:11] babettew54: blackmail...
[20:11] sean_montgomery: *has been watching marathons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - watch out*
[20:11] htbthomas: heeeeee
[20:11] laramoon: *giggles* of course he worries about her
[20:11] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:11] sean_montgomery: DUN DUN DUN!
[20:12] mark_clark: LOL
[20:12] babettew54: he has chores
[20:12] babettew54: hehe
[20:12] sean_montgomery: Of course, Clark doesn't immediately think of Kara...
[20:12] laramoon: it would ruin the suspense
[20:12] htbthomas: Oh, nice effect!
[20:12] sean_montgomery: Right. 'Cause suspense is always taking the place of rationality... ;)
[20:13] laramoon: (or the cool sfx)
[20:13] sean_montgomery: Oh. Never mind. Clark can sometimes use that noggin pretty quickly...
[20:13] htbthomas: When it suits the writers. :P
[20:13] sean_montgomery: :))
[20:14] htbthomas: But I'd like to see a LOT more of this
[20:14] laramoon: /loves that they're using Mac computers...
[20:14] mark_clark: Well said, Barb.
[20:14] sean_montgomery: DUN DUN DUN!
[20:14] htbthomas: Thanks
[20:15] mark_clark: :-D
[20:15] htbthomas: Are you guys okay with me posting the transcript? I'd change names to the LJ versions.
[20:15] sean_montgomery: *agrees with laramoon about Macs*
[20:15] htbthomas: I had some requests
[20:16] babettew54: no problem
[20:16] laramoon: i've no problems with you posting
[20:16] mark_clark: Sure
[20:16] sean_montgomery: People are actually interested in what we have to say? ;) :P
[20:16] laramoon: *lol*
[20:16] mark_clark: LOL
[20:16] htbthomas: Amazingly so!
[20:16] sean_montgomery: Dood - we must be popular!
[20:16] mark_clark: I guess we'll have to say something smart then.
[20:16] laramoon: gee, had we known, we would have been wittier... ;)
[20:16] htbthomas: LOL. There's still time
[20:16] htbthomas: ;)
[20:17] sean_montgomery: *breaks out in song and dance a la Kristin Chenowith*
[20:17] htbthomas: Do you take requests?
[20:17] sean_montgomery: Eh, why not?
[20:17] babettew54: sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"
[20:17] laramoon: *snort*
[20:17] mark_clark: lol
[20:17] htbthomas: *tries to imagine Babette singing that*
[20:17] sean_montgomery: "Now tell me what you want, what you really really want..."
[20:17] babettew54: laughs out loud
[20:18] htbthomas: I wanna I wanna I wanna reallyreallyreally wanna zingazing AH
[20:18] htbthomas: Or whatever
[20:18] sean_montgomery: *DIES - imagine Mom as white as possible*
[20:18] babettew54: dies
[20:18] sean_montgomery: *'cause she admitted it once*
[20:18] htbthomas: Admitted I was white?
[20:19] htbthomas: Or that my dance moves suck?
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Something about how you danced so horrifically white that your class could laugh at you... or something...
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Maybe both. :D
[20:19] htbthomas: Oh yes, it's a great source of amusement
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Anyway, back to Crackville... :))
[20:19] babettew54: Barb, you can't dance??
[20:19] htbthomas: Oo
[20:19] sean_montgomery: *pouty!Kara*
[20:20] htbthomas: No, I can, somewhat. But I'm not very good at hiphop dance
[20:20] sean_montgomery: I'm not responsible
[20:20] htbthomas: Choral choreography, fine. Look at her whine so prettily!
[20:20] babettew54: ooh, ballroom or latin??
[20:20] sean_montgomery: I love how it makes an audible "CRUNCH" when he grabs something
[20:20] sean_montgomery: *giggles*
[20:20] mark_clark: Yes, something did happen on Krypton.
[20:21] htbthomas: Mark, no hinting...
[20:21] mark_clark: Ouch!!
[20:21] htbthomas: I'm being good
[20:21] laramoon: oh dammit, why can't he just fly!!!
[20:21] sean_montgomery: Ah, season-finale set damage.
[20:21] htbthomas: I know!
[20:21] mark_clark: Oops
[20:21] htbthomas: It's like, please GOD, fly
[20:21] laramoon: yes!!
[20:22] sean_montgomery: So, who wants to take a guess when the Tombrows show up in full-force?
[20:22] mark_clark: Or try to fire a web and say, "Fly."
[20:22] htbthomas: Um, next scene?
[20:22] laramoon: Tombrows? /is clueless
[20:22] htbthomas: It's brdwaybebe's term for Tom's expressions with eyebrowage
[20:22] laramoon: ah!
[20:22] sean_montgomery: Tombrows = a phrase an LJ friend came up with to describe Tom's... thanks, Mom. :P
[20:22] mark_clark: Oh, Jimmy...
[20:23] htbthomas: *wins at typing speed* YES!
[20:23] sean_montgomery: Jimmy-Jim-Jim!
[20:23] sean_montgomery: :P
[20:23] sean_montgomery: *pouts*
[20:23] htbthomas: *pats*
[20:23] sean_montgomery: *hasn't had practice today*
[20:23] sean_montgomery: Aww... *hugs Jimmy*
[20:23] htbthomas: *hugs him too*
[20:23] htbthomas: *adorable overload*
[20:24] babettew54: he's a terrible liar
[20:24] mark_clark: Because, amnesia is catchy on this show.
[20:24] sean_montgomery: Ha!
[20:24] mark_clark: Huh?? What did I just say??
[20:24] htbthomas: It's practically the first page in their playbook!
[20:24] laramoon: amnesia, hospitals, superheroes that can't fly....
[20:25] sean_montgomery: *chuckles*
[20:25] mark_clark: Uh oh.
[20:25] htbthomas: This is awesome, OMG
[20:25] htbthomas: Yes, DAMN
[20:25] sean_montgomery: *is glued to screen*
[20:25] htbthomas: *loves ID!porn far too much*
[20:26] mark_clark: Say it ain't so.
[20:26] sean_montgomery: Uh oh
[20:26] laramoon: nooooo
[20:26] babettew54: oh no
[20:26] sean_montgomery: No, Kara...!
[20:26] htbthomas: asdghaskgjhg;ah
[20:26] mark_clark: Nooooooo!!
[20:26] laramoon: gah!
[20:26] sean_montgomery: Don't do it!
[20:27] laramoon: (yes, he will... no...!!)
[20:27] sean_montgomery: nonononononononononononononononon
[20:27] babettew54: she wants that ball in the safe
[20:27] laramoon: argh!
[20:27] sean_montgomery: *shriek!*
[20:27] htbthomas: Great line!
[20:27] mark_clark: Yup, that will get the ball rolling for sure, lol.
[20:27] laramoon: GASP! Dark Knight preview
[20:27] htbthomas: We're about to lose... heh
[20:27] babettew54: why can't she touch it? Brainiac has possessed her body..
[20:27] htbthomas: there goes lilly
[20:28] laramoon: omg, I was so squeeing!
[20:28] htbthomas: But neither are human
[20:28] htbthomas: If only humans can tough it?
[20:28] htbthomas: *touch
[20:28] laramoon: I gasped out so loud, I think they people outside heard. haha
[20:28] htbthomas: hehehehehehe
[20:28] mark_clark: lol
[20:28] sean_montgomery: Wow, previews for TDK already? Doesn't it come out next month?
[20:28] laramoon: July
[20:28] mark_clark: Incredible Hulk is next month.
[20:28] sean_montgomery: Ah. Special season-ending add, I guess.
[20:28] htbthomas: Well, DC now has to prove they can top Iron Man
[20:28] babettew54: noooooooo
[20:29] sean_montgomery: Which I still haven't seen...
[20:29] laramoon: oh, wait... cause Iron Man ROCKS
[20:29] htbthomas: gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:29] mark_clark: Let's hope they don't, lol.
[20:29] sean_montgomery: *is bad*
[20:29] htbthomas: *nudges*
[20:29] sean_montgomery: I was going to today
[20:29] mark_clark: You have to see it, Abby.
[20:29] sean_montgomery: I wanted to see it before Prince Caspian came out
[20:29] laramoon: yes, yes, it's all superhero goodness and squee-worthy
[20:30] sean_montgomery: Obviously that didn;t work...
[20:30] babettew54: it rawks, and it's funny too
[20:30] sean_montgomery: Back!
[20:30] mark_clark: And Indy comes out next week.
[20:30] htbthomas: YAY
[20:30] mark_clark: Kara has to stopped and now!!
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Blonde...
[20:31] babettew54: how, Clark won't fly...
[20:31] sean_montgomery: FLY, CLARK. -_-
[20:31] mark_clark: He can leap.
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Yes, Clark! LEAP!
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Leap very, very far!
[20:31] babettew54: oh yeah, hop and skip is what he does...hehe
[20:31] laramoon: he sooo needs to fly, gosh darn it
[20:32] htbthomas: LOL, he has a special case now
[20:32] mark_clark: Yeah. Up, up and away!!
[20:32] laramoon: as all good villains would
[20:32] sean_montgomery: Wax on, wax off??
[20:32] mark_clark: lol
[20:32] laramoon: lol! Karate Kid!
[20:32] babettew54: lol
[20:32] sean_montgomery: =))
[20:33] laramoon: damn he's cold
[20:33] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:33] sean_montgomery: He's reminding me a lot of the It's Superman! Lex.
[20:33] sean_montgomery: Which is SO COOL. :D
[20:34] htbthomas: Poor innocent Jimmy
[20:34] mark_clark: Yeah.
[20:34] sean_montgomery: Ooooo,....
[20:34] sean_montgomery: CRAP
[20:34] laramoon: expiration date. LOL
[20:34] mark_clark: Double crap!!
[20:34] sean_montgomery: !!!1
[20:34] laramoon: O.o
[20:34] sean_montgomery: lnv;ebvbdv
[20:34] sean_montgomery: afv;kbg;ekvla v
[20:34] sean_montgomery: pvha;erkbferg ;ekjvb;ebrg
[20:34] sean_montgomery: regqrkbfekjrbg;kb
[20:34] babettew54: huh?
[20:34] sean_montgomery: *knew it*
[20:34] htbthomas: YAYZ FINE
[20:35] mark_clark: Oh hell didly ding dong crap!!
[20:35] laramoon: oh, damn!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: NONONONONONONONONONONONON
[20:35] htbthomas: ACK!
[20:35] laramoon: ouchie!
[20:35] mark_clark: Son of a...
[20:35] laramoon: nice sfx!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: nO!
[20:35] laramoon: oh!!!!!!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: ;bvkjae;rbqjgyv9a8yfpi34u6p9037
[20:35] mark_clark: Good, take that Brainy!
[20:35] htbthomas: Whee!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: q3T%*G(Pojypruhqp5thw
[20:35] sean_montgomery: buerhw4'5oh'ebj
[20:35] sean_montgomery: efpvperg;jebgb
[20:35] sean_montgomery: apviyeirgt;ekjtbgb
[20:35] laramoon: Excellent!!!!
[20:36] mark_clark: Her healing ability helped.
[20:36] laramoon: yay! :)
[20:36] babettew54: oh no
[20:36] mark_clark: We are off to see the Fortress!!
[20:36] htbthomas: *sings*
[20:36] sean_montgomery: The Wonderful Fortress of Solitude!
[20:36] laramoon: lol
[20:36] htbthomas: *skips along*
[20:36] mark_clark: lol
[20:37] mark_clark: Where's Toto??
[20:37] laramoon: oh... come back, Chloe...!
[20:37] sean_montgomery: Wasn't Clark here at the start of LAST season...?
[20:37] sean_montgomery: WOAH
[20:37] htbthomas: What do you mean? He's ALWAYS there
[20:37] mark_clark: Freaky
[20:37] sean_montgomery: ANGRY!Clark!
[20:37] laramoon: hee
[20:37] htbthomas: *loves Angry!Clark*
[20:37] babettew54: is there a landing strip at the north pole...huh???
[20:37] laramoon: ooh, he's hurt!
[20:38] sean_montgomery: Angry!Clark... is really, really attractive, actually...
[20:38] mark_clark: Clark is dangerous when he's angry.
[20:38] laramoon: Clark is sexy when he's angry
[20:38] htbthomas: Yeah, what is up with Fine?
[20:38] mark_clark: I think his interface with Chloe did something to him.
[20:38] sean_montgomery: Clark should be rationally angry more often!
[20:39] mark_clark: Yeah, Hulk angry.
[20:39] laramoon: ooh!
[20:39] laramoon: but... hulk angry would... um... cause fangirls to... faint...
[20:39] mark_clark: Clark smash puny Brainiac.
[20:40] sean_montgomery: Braniac smashing would mean Mom isn't as happy as usual... ;)
[20:40] htbthomas: *sniff*
[20:40] sean_montgomery: Especially if he's smashed to deathi-ness
[20:40] mark_clark: Oh well
[20:40] htbthomas: It would mean no more FineDrFine Jamesy goodness
[20:41] sean_montgomery: I'm not the only person here who doesn't think he's attractive, am I? (sorry, mom)
[20:41] laramoon: oh, come on... no more ads!!
[20:41] htbthomas: Hey, you like people I don't
[20:41] htbthomas: It's okay
[20:41] sean_montgomery: :D
[20:41] sean_montgomery: Just curious
[20:41] laramoon: /hates commercials. (OK, except TDK ones. hee!)
[20:42] htbthomas: It's about more than his looks. Can't explain well
[20:42] sean_montgomery: Just the thought of him renders you speechless, right? ;)
[20:42] htbthomas: I think it's partially because he's from my home area
[20:43] htbthomas: Modesto, CA is not far from where I grew up
[20:43] laramoon: what's he doin'?
[20:43] laramoon: OOOH
[20:43] htbthomas: REcharging?
[20:43] sean_montgomery: Getting smasshed...
[20:43] htbthomas: YAYAYAYAYAY
[20:43] sean_montgomery: *smashed
[20:43] mark_clark: Clark just laid the Smackdown on Fine.
[20:43] laramoon: go Clarkie!
[20:43] sean_montgomery: *chants* Clark! Clark! Clark! Clark!
[20:43] laramoon: Noooo!
[20:44] htbthomas: yqeryiuwqoepiruy3uo3q4ytie qru ghire
[20:44] laramoon: oh, god he's sexy when he's angry. *drools(
[20:44] sean_montgomery: Ooooooo
[20:44] mark_clark: You are not a man, Brainiac.
[20:44] laramoon: Weeeeeeeeeeee
[20:44] babettew54: Yayyay
[20:45] laramoon: gooo!!!!!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: Oo!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: Shiny!
[20:45] laramoon: WEeeeee!
[20:45] htbthomas: *nerdgasms*
[20:45] sean_montgomery: GO CLARK!
[20:45] laramoon: LOL
[20:45] laramoon: oh, that was awesome
[20:45] htbthomas: TOTALLY
[20:45] laramoon: Kara!!!!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: In a Phantom Zone?
[20:45] sean_montgomery: LANA's NOT THERE!!!
[20:45] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:45] sean_montgomery: *dances*
[20:46] sean_montgomery: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:46] laramoon: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:46] laramoon: nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
[20:46] laramoon: no more Lana... I wanted her dead....!
[20:46] laramoon: (sorry_
[20:46] sean_montgomery: *throws something at the TV*
[20:46] mark_clark: lol
[20:46] htbthomas: You're in good company here
[20:46] sean_montgomery: DIE LANA!!!
[20:46] sean_montgomery: JUST
[20:46] sean_montgomery: FREAKING
[20:46] htbthomas: I'm saying yes because I've seen this scene
[20:46] sean_montgomery: DIE
[20:46] sean_montgomery: ALREADY!!!
[20:46] laramoon: yes, yes, the world needs you.
[20:47] laramoon: not her
[20:47] sean_montgomery: LOIS!!
[20:47] mark_clark: Yay, about damn time!!
[20:47] laramoon: heeee!!!!!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: (oh, shut up, Lana!)
[20:47] sean_montgomery: Comfort him, Lois!
[20:47] laramoon: Lois! Lois! Lois!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: Get Lana out of his head!!
[20:47] laramoon: awwwww!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: hug...?
[20:47] mark_clark: Go Lois.
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!!
[20:47] babettew54: bye Lana...squeee
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!!!!!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: YES!!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:47] laramoon: *dies*
[20:47] mark_clark: Yay!!
[20:48] babettew54: lol
[20:48] sean_montgomery: ,mcnv/dfbgadklfvdln mn.,dbfv m,adfv dF:ndf/v,baegkjbadb
[20:48] laramoon: YAY
[20:48] sean_montgomery: hgkrgh;kqerg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: gphq;reiug;ekbgqer
[20:48] sean_montgomery: gpqer;iug34t;kjebrge
[20:48] sean_montgomery: rgugtlerbgqegbqer
[20:48] sean_montgomery: giehriugtkbaerg
[20:48] mark_clark: Awww, ain't that sweet.
[20:48] sean_montgomery: pgigqpiugt;ekrjbgqerg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: qergoieriugt;ejkrbgg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: egoiye;tg;jkb;erfqelrifqe
[20:48] babettew54: cloissssss
[20:48] laramoon: oooh! YAY!!!!
[20:48] sean_montgomery: *just scared everyone upstairs*
[20:48] mark_clark: LOL
[20:48] sean_montgomery: *rewinds*
[20:48] htbthomas: My family just rolls their eyes
[20:48] laramoon: well, dang, I think we actually need to thank Lana for that one. (*sticks finger down throat*)
[20:49] mark_clark: LOL
[20:49] laramoon: my BF went to hide in the kitchen...
[20:49] htbthomas: LOL, mine came down earlier to mock
[20:49] laramoon: hehhe
[20:49] htbthomas: "Oh, Clark, KISS ME"
[20:49] laramoon: he watches it with me, but I'm squeeing too much, apparently
[20:49] sean_montgomery: LOL!
[20:49] laramoon: hehehe :D
[20:49] sean_montgomery: It's about time she said that... -_-
[20:50] sean_montgomery: I want Welling to direct another episode!
[20:50] mark_clark: That's what I get for being the only guy in this chat. Thanks a lot Barb.
[20:50] laramoon: awww!
[20:50] htbthomas: He has no room to talk, he knows the shipping helps me feel romantic
[20:50] babettew54: wayyyy overdue, so why is she coming back next year??? whyyyyyyy????
[20:50] laramoon: she's back for what, 6 eps?
[20:50] htbthomas: Should I get Todd to join?
[20:50] sean_montgomery: *takes a knife and STABS!!!!! Clana to EVER LOVING DEATH*
[20:50] babettew54: 6 too many
[20:51] laramoon: oh yeah, totally
[20:51] laramoon: awww! jimmy
[20:51] sean_montgomery: Aww... Jimmy...
[20:51] laramoon: he's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
[20:51] laramoon: awww!!!!
[20:51] laramoon: bah, he's not gonna propose is he?
[20:51] htbthomas: Ummm
[20:52] sean_montgomery: If he thought he was going to lose her tonight, he obviously hasn't been paying attention for six seasons...
[20:52] mark_clark: lol
[20:52] htbthomas: He's only been around for two
[20:52] sean_montgomery: I know
[20:52] laramoon: AH!
[20:52] htbthomas: Right? Or three? Can't remember
[20:52] sean_montgomery: I'm saying he hasn't bee-WAHT?!?!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: *JAW DROPS*
[20:52] laramoon: oooh!!!!
[20:52] laramoon: awww!!!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
[20:52] laramoon: he's sooo cute!!!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: =))
[20:53] mark_clark: Awww, Jimmy.
[20:53] laramoon: Oh frack!
[20:53] htbthomas: Oopsie!
[20:53] mark_clark: It figures Lex would do that.
[20:53] laramoon: dammit to hell
[20:53] sean_montgomery: WEll, darn
[20:53] sean_montgomery: ANSWER
[20:53] laramoon: ouchie
[20:53] sean_montgomery: BAD Jimmy!
[20:54] babettew54: wha???
[20:54] sean_montgomery: OH %(^&@!!
[20:54] laramoon: heee!
[20:54] htbthomas: *dances*
[20:54] mark_clark: Well, Jimmy, that's what you get when you make a deal with the devil.
[20:54] htbthomas: FORTRESSTIEM
[20:54] laramoon: *is clapping and cheering and squeeing all over the place*
[20:54] sean_montgomery: Hey look! His head gleams! :P
[20:54] mark_clark: LOL
[20:54] htbthomas: With strange blue light....
[20:55] sean_montgomery: It's purple on my TV...
[20:55] mark_clark: Did the orb get him inside??
[20:55] laramoon: possibly?
[20:55] sean_montgomery: Five minutes...
[20:55] laramoon: uh oh
[20:55] htbthomas: I know, I've been watching the clock with dread
[20:55] sean_montgomery: *gulps*
[20:55] laramoon: oops
[20:56] laramoon: well, duh.
[20:56] laramoon: 'bout time he understood...
[20:56] mark_clark: No, Clark needs a suit.
[20:57] sean_montgomery: And a curl named Kenny
[20:57] laramoon: yes, a tight one. with a cape for when he FLIES.
[20:57] sean_montgomery: Three minutes!!
[20:57] mark_clark: Boo Hoo, Lex.
[20:58] laramoon: Eloves a very evil Lex
[20:58] htbthomas: *gasp*
[20:58] babettew54: trust Lex??
[20:58] sean_montgomery: *heart is racing*
[20:58] laramoon: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:58] babettew54: noooooo
[20:58] sean_montgomery: CLark!
[20:58] htbthomas: "Kal-El"??? OMG
[20:58] laramoon: nononononononononononon
[20:59] laramoon: wth?
[20:59] htbthomas: :O
[20:59] laramoon: WHA?
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] mark_clark: Oops
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] htbthomas: *jaw drops*
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] sean_montgomery: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
[20:59] htbthomas: f'3qio4jht5ovq32i4uto;4Y TUTO348QUFVTIOY3UH4QIPT384VTQ34IUEWHYRGIU;QH34;ITGH4QW5R
[20:59] sean_montgomery: ljnv;akshjkerbgjbv
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aehv;aerbf;qriughaeljbqjkgn'erviye
[20:59] sean_montgomery: rgp[i
[20:59] sean_montgomery: rophvae;igvieurgperuvg[fhiq3g
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aeropvuperg;qkj3bgoihvwerg
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aevpoyaeluyfg3qk;j4therovylaebt;ludf;vgawjbtjbaerg
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aovypaeirugtewkghoaeglkejrbgoidf;vgbejgba
[20:59] sean_montgomery: badohvpwgtjber;iovypwagrkqebg;jba
[20:59] sean_montgomery: WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT?!??!
[20:59] mark_clark: Abby, that language.
[21:00] laramoon: oh, good godééé
[21:00] laramoon: ah, there goes my accents. ;)
[21:00] mark_clark: That was anti-climatic.
[21:00] htbthomas: He destroyed himself along with Clark?
[21:00] sean_montgomery: No kidding...
[21:00] htbthomas: What?
[21:00] mark_clark: Or so we are made to believe.
[21:01] babettew54: what the??
[21:01] htbthomas: Of course they have to leave it at a cliffhanger
[21:01] laramoon: Lex isn't back next season, so *something* happened... but what?!?!?!
[21:01] mark_clark: It seems that the part of the artic with the Fortress returned to what it was before.
[21:01] babettew54: see you in September... strange wtf endng???
[21:02] mark_clark: You got that right, Babette.
[21:02] sean_montgomery: Dood.
[21:02] laramoon: and that's all the ball does?
[21:02] htbthomas: Yes, but I totally was shocked, I didn't think he'd sacrifice himself
[21:02] laramoon: gee
[21:02] mark_clark: Pretty much.
[21:02] sean_montgomery: I, like, don't even have a rational guess to this...
[21:02] babettew54: why didn't Jor-El speak up??
[21:02] babettew54: I don't get it!
[21:02] mark_clark: Exactly
[21:03] htbthomas: I think we're not meant to yet
[21:03] babettew54: Why did Lex apologize?
[21:03] sean_montgomery: Isn't too late to apologize?
[21:03] babettew54: Lex is insane
[21:03] laramoon: cause he's not completely evil yet?
[21:03] htbthomas: We'll hopefully find out later... I think it's because Lex truly sees himself as savior -- he wishes he didn't have to kill the man he could have 'ruled with/over'
[21:04] mark_clark: No, I think he still thinks of Clark like a friend. Deep down, very deep down.
[21:04] sean_montgomery: Yeah. I'm with Mark
[21:04] babettew54: I see, the things he said about working with Clark to rule the world..
[21:04] htbthomas: I would have said that before he killed his younger self
[21:04] laramoon: didn't he say brother?
[21:04] sean_montgomery: I don't believe he destroyed that element yet.
[21:04] mark_clark: Yes, he did.
[21:04] babettew54: Is Lex dead?
[21:04] mark_clark: No
[21:05] laramoon: he can't be dead.
[21:05] htbthomas: I don't know
[21:05] babettew54: really??
[21:05] laramoon: screws up canon too badly
[21:05] sean_montgomery: See? The After-Season is only five minutes old and ALREADY we're speculating. :D
[21:05] mark_clark: Right
[21:05] htbthomas: But yeah, I don't think he is
[21:05] htbthomas: But will he remember what just happened?
[21:05] laramoon: isn't he back a few eps anyway?
[21:05] mark_clark: Probably not.
[21:05] htbthomas: I PRAY he will, but I really doubt it
[21:05] babettew54: Oh well, he'll have no memory.
[21:05] laramoon: or maybe they're just flashbacks...
[21:06] mark_clark: I would hope so, they need some resolution to what happened at the end.
[21:06] babettew54: No Michael Rosenbaum at all next season..
[21:06] laramoon: I thought I heard he and :choke:Lana:choke: were back a few eps each
[21:06] htbthomas: :(
[21:06] babettew54: Just Lana, no Lex
[21:06] sean_montgomery: Flashbacks. It's gotta be.
[21:06] htbthomas: I heard KK yes, MR no
[21:06] mark_clark: Actually, he wasn't going to be a regular. There was nothing said about him not appearing in a few episodes.
[21:06] htbthomas: AM just today yes
[21:06] htbthomas: Hmm, I hope we get a few
[21:07] laramoon: aww.. dangit... should have been him, at least he's likeable
[21:07] babettew54: I hope so, we have to find out what happened to him...
[21:07] mark_clark: He doesn't need to be around for the whole season, a few episodes will do.
[21:07] htbthomas: Yep
[21:08] laramoon: they're bringing in a new supervillain next year anyway ()
[21:08] htbthomas: *joins you*
[21:08] sean_montgomery: Who?
[21:08] mark_clark: Doomsday
[21:08] babettew54: doomsday and a 'lady' villian, I heard
[21:08] laramoon: ...yeah and that sucks
[21:08] sean_montgomery: What??
[21:08] htbthomas: Totally
[21:08] htbthomas: That doesn't belong on SV
[21:08] sean_montgomery: Oh, like that'll save it...
[21:08] mark_clark: Yeah, I think that's kinda dumb.
[21:08] laramoon: cause... dammit... doomsday kills Superman... and Clark isn't Superman yet... and...
[21:08] laramoon: GAH! it makes no sense
[21:08] babettew54: no sense at all
[21:08] mark_clark: Uh huh
[21:08] sean_montgomery: *facepalm*
[21:09] htbthomas: It's not like they don't have 70 years of canon to draw from or something
[21:09] laramoon: they had a brilliant villain... they're replacing him by a mindless killing machine.
[21:09] laramoon: blah
[21:09] sean_montgomery: Maybe it's a sign of things to come. Doesn't the show only have one more season to go
[21:09] sean_montgomery: ?
[21:09] babettew54: why doomsday...I'm worried about the new season..
[21:09] mark_clark: This is way I'm not overly fond of newer villains.
[21:09] htbthomas: Yes
[21:09] laramoon: yeah, one more.
[21:09] mark_clark: Yep
[21:10] htbthomas: And a short season as well, I heard
[21:10] laramoon: serious?
[21:10] mark_clark: Really?
[21:10] sean_montgomery: So Clark needs to grow up and become Superman, like, TOMORROW, then?
[21:10] laramoon:
[21:10] htbthomas: Yes. If I find the link, I'll post it
[21:10] mark_clark: Ok
[21:10] babettew54: Ok folks, I'm out, it's been fun!!! night all
[21:10] htbthomas: Night!
[21:10] sean_montgomery: 'Night, Barb!
[21:10] htbthomas: Thanks everyone!
[21:10] mark_clark: Good night!!

Thank you for a fun time, guys!
Tags: chat, smallville

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