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[19:58] htbthomas: Hey all!
[19:58] babettew54: 2 mins, hey everyone
[19:59] laramoon: (squee!)
[19:59] mark_clark: Rejoice, I am here!!
[19:59] htbthomas: There are a few more coming, but they haven't checked in yet
[19:59] mark_clark: Howdy all.
[20:00] mark_clark: Here we go!!
[20:00] htbthomas: *having a hard time containing squee*
[20:00] laramoon: :D
[20:01] babettew54: oh recap
[20:01] laramoon: /dances!!
[20:01] mark_clark: The plane, the plane!!
[20:02] *** sean_montgomery has joined the chat.
[20:02] babettew54: heading north...oh no
[20:05] babettew54: that opening scene with the plane was cool
[20:05] sean_montgomery: So, who thinks that Kara totally kicks butt when she wants to?
[20:06] babettew54: oh yeah
[20:06] laramoon: oh yeah, she really does!
[20:06] htbthomas: I spoiled myself crazy on this ep, but I will be quiet
[20:06] htbthomas: Yes, I agree.
[20:06] mark_clark: She sure does.
[20:06] sean_montgomery: *waggles finger* No telling, Mom
[20:06] htbthomas: She was completely annoying to me at first, but now I like her
[20:06] mark_clark: I know the odd thing about this one as well.
[20:06] laramoon: same - hated her when she first arrived, but she's really cool now
[20:06] babettew54: haven't heard anything about Kara coming back next year??
[20:06] htbthomas: *gives Abby the LOOK* Of course, darling
[20:06] htbthomas: Oh, that's right! Anyone?
[20:06] mark_clark: No, but I hope she does.
[20:07] babettew54: me too
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *counters the LOOK with teh glare*
[20:07] mark_clark: LOL
[20:07] htbthomas: *crosses arms*
[20:07] htbthomas: *taps foot*
[20:07] babettew54: oh oh
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *stomps food*
[20:07] laramoon: lol!
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *foot
[20:07] sean_montgomery: LOL
[20:07] htbthomas: *arches eyebrow*
[20:07] mark_clark: Damn it, Abby!! That was my foot.
[20:07] htbthomas: lol
[20:07] sean_montgomery: *imitates*
[20:08] sean_montgomery: (sorry Mark)
[20:08] laramoon: (dang ads... too... many...)
[20:08] htbthomas: BACK!
[20:08] babettew54: any else joining in?
[20:08] sean_montgomery: Angry female Kryptonian...
[20:08] htbthomas: Bisty, Trekkie and Pie_is_good were supposed to come but no sign yet
[20:09] sean_montgomery: BAD Lex!
[20:10] laramoon: aww! poor Jimmy
[20:10] htbthomas: GOOD Lex
[20:10] mark_clark: Oh Lex, he has fallen to the darkside pretty darn good.
[20:10] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!
[20:10] htbthomas: *lurves*
[20:10] sean_montgomery: :D
[20:10] laramoon: oh hee! :)
[20:10] mark_clark: Go, Lois!!
[20:10] sean_montgomery: *cackles*
[20:10] sean_montgomery: YES
[20:10] mark_clark: Damn right!!
[20:10] laramoon: yes, greater things in life!!!!
[20:10] htbthomas: I can't wait to see how he actually decides
[20:10] laramoon: :D
[20:10] sean_montgomery: And with his Blackberry by his side...
[20:11] babettew54: blackmail...
[20:11] sean_montgomery: *has been watching marathons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - watch out*
[20:11] htbthomas: heeeeee
[20:11] laramoon: *giggles* of course he worries about her
[20:11] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:11] sean_montgomery: DUN DUN DUN!
[20:12] mark_clark: LOL
[20:12] babettew54: he has chores
[20:12] babettew54: hehe
[20:12] sean_montgomery: Of course, Clark doesn't immediately think of Kara...
[20:12] laramoon: it would ruin the suspense
[20:12] htbthomas: Oh, nice effect!
[20:12] sean_montgomery: Right. 'Cause suspense is always taking the place of rationality... ;)
[20:13] laramoon: (or the cool sfx)
[20:13] sean_montgomery: Oh. Never mind. Clark can sometimes use that noggin pretty quickly...
[20:13] htbthomas: When it suits the writers. :P
[20:13] sean_montgomery: :))
[20:14] htbthomas: But I'd like to see a LOT more of this
[20:14] laramoon: /loves that they're using Mac computers...
[20:14] mark_clark: Well said, Barb.
[20:14] sean_montgomery: DUN DUN DUN!
[20:14] htbthomas: Thanks
[20:15] mark_clark: :-D
[20:15] htbthomas: Are you guys okay with me posting the transcript? I'd change names to the LJ versions.
[20:15] sean_montgomery: *agrees with laramoon about Macs*
[20:15] htbthomas: I had some requests
[20:16] babettew54: no problem
[20:16] laramoon: i've no problems with you posting
[20:16] mark_clark: Sure
[20:16] sean_montgomery: People are actually interested in what we have to say? ;) :P
[20:16] laramoon: *lol*
[20:16] mark_clark: LOL
[20:16] htbthomas: Amazingly so!
[20:16] sean_montgomery: Dood - we must be popular!
[20:16] mark_clark: I guess we'll have to say something smart then.
[20:16] laramoon: gee, had we known, we would have been wittier... ;)
[20:16] htbthomas: LOL. There's still time
[20:16] htbthomas: ;)
[20:17] sean_montgomery: *breaks out in song and dance a la Kristin Chenowith*
[20:17] htbthomas: Do you take requests?
[20:17] sean_montgomery: Eh, why not?
[20:17] babettew54: sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"
[20:17] laramoon: *snort*
[20:17] mark_clark: lol
[20:17] htbthomas: *tries to imagine Babette singing that*
[20:17] sean_montgomery: "Now tell me what you want, what you really really want..."
[20:17] babettew54: laughs out loud
[20:18] htbthomas: I wanna I wanna I wanna reallyreallyreally wanna zingazing AH
[20:18] htbthomas: Or whatever
[20:18] sean_montgomery: *DIES - imagine Mom as white as possible*
[20:18] babettew54: dies
[20:18] sean_montgomery: *'cause she admitted it once*
[20:18] htbthomas: Admitted I was white?
[20:19] htbthomas: Or that my dance moves suck?
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Something about how you danced so horrifically white that your class could laugh at you... or something...
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Maybe both. :D
[20:19] htbthomas: Oh yes, it's a great source of amusement
[20:19] sean_montgomery: Anyway, back to Crackville... :))
[20:19] babettew54: Barb, you can't dance??
[20:19] htbthomas: Oo
[20:19] sean_montgomery: *pouty!Kara*
[20:20] htbthomas: No, I can, somewhat. But I'm not very good at hiphop dance
[20:20] sean_montgomery: I'm not responsible
[20:20] htbthomas: Choral choreography, fine. Look at her whine so prettily!
[20:20] babettew54: ooh, ballroom or latin??
[20:20] sean_montgomery: I love how it makes an audible "CRUNCH" when he grabs something
[20:20] sean_montgomery: *giggles*
[20:20] mark_clark: Yes, something did happen on Krypton.
[20:21] htbthomas: Mark, no hinting...
[20:21] mark_clark: Ouch!!
[20:21] htbthomas: I'm being good
[20:21] laramoon: oh dammit, why can't he just fly!!!
[20:21] sean_montgomery: Ah, season-finale set damage.
[20:21] htbthomas: I know!
[20:21] mark_clark: Oops
[20:21] htbthomas: It's like, please GOD, fly
[20:21] laramoon: yes!!
[20:22] sean_montgomery: So, who wants to take a guess when the Tombrows show up in full-force?
[20:22] mark_clark: Or try to fire a web and say, "Fly."
[20:22] htbthomas: Um, next scene?
[20:22] laramoon: Tombrows? /is clueless
[20:22] htbthomas: It's brdwaybebe's term for Tom's expressions with eyebrowage
[20:22] laramoon: ah!
[20:22] sean_montgomery: Tombrows = a phrase an LJ friend came up with to describe Tom's... thanks, Mom. :P
[20:22] mark_clark: Oh, Jimmy...
[20:23] htbthomas: *wins at typing speed* YES!
[20:23] sean_montgomery: Jimmy-Jim-Jim!
[20:23] sean_montgomery: :P
[20:23] sean_montgomery: *pouts*
[20:23] htbthomas: *pats*
[20:23] sean_montgomery: *hasn't had practice today*
[20:23] sean_montgomery: Aww... *hugs Jimmy*
[20:23] htbthomas: *hugs him too*
[20:23] htbthomas: *adorable overload*
[20:24] babettew54: he's a terrible liar
[20:24] mark_clark: Because, amnesia is catchy on this show.
[20:24] sean_montgomery: Ha!
[20:24] mark_clark: Huh?? What did I just say??
[20:24] htbthomas: It's practically the first page in their playbook!
[20:24] laramoon: amnesia, hospitals, superheroes that can't fly....
[20:25] sean_montgomery: *chuckles*
[20:25] mark_clark: Uh oh.
[20:25] htbthomas: This is awesome, OMG
[20:25] htbthomas: Yes, DAMN
[20:25] sean_montgomery: *is glued to screen*
[20:25] htbthomas: *loves ID!porn far too much*
[20:26] mark_clark: Say it ain't so.
[20:26] sean_montgomery: Uh oh
[20:26] laramoon: nooooo
[20:26] babettew54: oh no
[20:26] sean_montgomery: No, Kara...!
[20:26] htbthomas: asdghaskgjhg;ah
[20:26] mark_clark: Nooooooo!!
[20:26] laramoon: gah!
[20:26] sean_montgomery: Don't do it!
[20:27] laramoon: (yes, he will... no...!!)
[20:27] sean_montgomery: nonononononononononononononononon
[20:27] babettew54: she wants that ball in the safe
[20:27] laramoon: argh!
[20:27] sean_montgomery: *shriek!*
[20:27] htbthomas: Great line!
[20:27] mark_clark: Yup, that will get the ball rolling for sure, lol.
[20:27] laramoon: GASP! Dark Knight preview
[20:27] htbthomas: We're about to lose... heh
[20:27] babettew54: why can't she touch it? Brainiac has possessed her body..
[20:27] htbthomas: there goes lilly
[20:28] laramoon: omg, I was so squeeing!
[20:28] htbthomas: But neither are human
[20:28] htbthomas: If only humans can tough it?
[20:28] htbthomas: *touch
[20:28] laramoon: I gasped out so loud, I think they people outside heard. haha
[20:28] htbthomas: hehehehehehe
[20:28] mark_clark: lol
[20:28] sean_montgomery: Wow, previews for TDK already? Doesn't it come out next month?
[20:28] laramoon: July
[20:28] mark_clark: Incredible Hulk is next month.
[20:28] sean_montgomery: Ah. Special season-ending add, I guess.
[20:28] htbthomas: Well, DC now has to prove they can top Iron Man
[20:28] babettew54: noooooooo
[20:29] sean_montgomery: Which I still haven't seen...
[20:29] laramoon: oh, wait... cause Iron Man ROCKS
[20:29] htbthomas: gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:29] mark_clark: Let's hope they don't, lol.
[20:29] sean_montgomery: *is bad*
[20:29] htbthomas: *nudges*
[20:29] sean_montgomery: I was going to today
[20:29] mark_clark: You have to see it, Abby.
[20:29] sean_montgomery: I wanted to see it before Prince Caspian came out
[20:29] laramoon: yes, yes, it's all superhero goodness and squee-worthy
[20:30] sean_montgomery: Obviously that didn;t work...
[20:30] babettew54: it rawks, and it's funny too
[20:30] sean_montgomery: Back!
[20:30] mark_clark: And Indy comes out next week.
[20:30] htbthomas: YAY
[20:30] mark_clark: Kara has to stopped and now!!
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Blonde...
[20:31] babettew54: how, Clark won't fly...
[20:31] sean_montgomery: FLY, CLARK. -_-
[20:31] mark_clark: He can leap.
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Yes, Clark! LEAP!
[20:31] sean_montgomery: Leap very, very far!
[20:31] babettew54: oh yeah, hop and skip is what he does...hehe
[20:31] laramoon: he sooo needs to fly, gosh darn it
[20:32] htbthomas: LOL, he has a special case now
[20:32] mark_clark: Yeah. Up, up and away!!
[20:32] laramoon: as all good villains would
[20:32] sean_montgomery: Wax on, wax off??
[20:32] mark_clark: lol
[20:32] laramoon: lol! Karate Kid!
[20:32] babettew54: lol
[20:32] sean_montgomery: =))
[20:33] laramoon: damn he's cold
[20:33] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:33] sean_montgomery: He's reminding me a lot of the It's Superman! Lex.
[20:33] sean_montgomery: Which is SO COOL. :D
[20:34] htbthomas: Poor innocent Jimmy
[20:34] mark_clark: Yeah.
[20:34] sean_montgomery: Ooooo,....
[20:34] sean_montgomery: CRAP
[20:34] laramoon: expiration date. LOL
[20:34] mark_clark: Double crap!!
[20:34] sean_montgomery: !!!1
[20:34] laramoon: O.o
[20:34] sean_montgomery: lnv;ebvbdv
[20:34] sean_montgomery: afv;kbg;ekvla v
[20:34] sean_montgomery: pvha;erkbferg ;ekjvb;ebrg
[20:34] sean_montgomery: regqrkbfekjrbg;kb
[20:34] babettew54: huh?
[20:34] sean_montgomery: *knew it*
[20:34] htbthomas: YAYZ FINE
[20:35] mark_clark: Oh hell didly ding dong crap!!
[20:35] laramoon: oh, damn!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: NONONONONONONONONONONONON
[20:35] htbthomas: ACK!
[20:35] laramoon: ouchie!
[20:35] mark_clark: Son of a...
[20:35] laramoon: nice sfx!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: nO!
[20:35] laramoon: oh!!!!!!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: ;bvkjae;rbqjgyv9a8yfpi34u6p9037
[20:35] mark_clark: Good, take that Brainy!
[20:35] htbthomas: Whee!
[20:35] sean_montgomery: q3T%*G(Pojypruhqp5thw
[20:35] sean_montgomery: buerhw4'5oh'ebj
[20:35] sean_montgomery: efpvperg;jebgb
[20:35] sean_montgomery: apviyeirgt;ekjtbgb
[20:35] laramoon: Excellent!!!!
[20:36] mark_clark: Her healing ability helped.
[20:36] laramoon: yay! :)
[20:36] babettew54: oh no
[20:36] mark_clark: We are off to see the Fortress!!
[20:36] htbthomas: *sings*
[20:36] sean_montgomery: The Wonderful Fortress of Solitude!
[20:36] laramoon: lol
[20:36] htbthomas: *skips along*
[20:36] mark_clark: lol
[20:37] mark_clark: Where's Toto??
[20:37] laramoon: oh... come back, Chloe...!
[20:37] sean_montgomery: Wasn't Clark here at the start of LAST season...?
[20:37] sean_montgomery: WOAH
[20:37] htbthomas: What do you mean? He's ALWAYS there
[20:37] mark_clark: Freaky
[20:37] sean_montgomery: ANGRY!Clark!
[20:37] laramoon: hee
[20:37] htbthomas: *loves Angry!Clark*
[20:37] babettew54: is there a landing strip at the north pole...huh???
[20:37] laramoon: ooh, he's hurt!
[20:38] sean_montgomery: Angry!Clark... is really, really attractive, actually...
[20:38] mark_clark: Clark is dangerous when he's angry.
[20:38] laramoon: Clark is sexy when he's angry
[20:38] htbthomas: Yeah, what is up with Fine?
[20:38] mark_clark: I think his interface with Chloe did something to him.
[20:38] sean_montgomery: Clark should be rationally angry more often!
[20:39] mark_clark: Yeah, Hulk angry.
[20:39] laramoon: ooh!
[20:39] laramoon: but... hulk angry would... um... cause fangirls to... faint...
[20:39] mark_clark: Clark smash puny Brainiac.
[20:40] sean_montgomery: Braniac smashing would mean Mom isn't as happy as usual... ;)
[20:40] htbthomas: *sniff*
[20:40] sean_montgomery: Especially if he's smashed to deathi-ness
[20:40] mark_clark: Oh well
[20:40] htbthomas: It would mean no more FineDrFine Jamesy goodness
[20:41] sean_montgomery: I'm not the only person here who doesn't think he's attractive, am I? (sorry, mom)
[20:41] laramoon: oh, come on... no more ads!!
[20:41] htbthomas: Hey, you like people I don't
[20:41] htbthomas: It's okay
[20:41] sean_montgomery: :D
[20:41] sean_montgomery: Just curious
[20:41] laramoon: /hates commercials. (OK, except TDK ones. hee!)
[20:42] htbthomas: It's about more than his looks. Can't explain well
[20:42] sean_montgomery: Just the thought of him renders you speechless, right? ;)
[20:42] htbthomas: I think it's partially because he's from my home area
[20:43] htbthomas: Modesto, CA is not far from where I grew up
[20:43] laramoon: what's he doin'?
[20:43] laramoon: OOOH
[20:43] htbthomas: REcharging?
[20:43] sean_montgomery: Getting smasshed...
[20:43] htbthomas: YAYAYAYAYAY
[20:43] sean_montgomery: *smashed
[20:43] mark_clark: Clark just laid the Smackdown on Fine.
[20:43] laramoon: go Clarkie!
[20:43] sean_montgomery: *chants* Clark! Clark! Clark! Clark!
[20:43] laramoon: Noooo!
[20:44] htbthomas: yqeryiuwqoepiruy3uo3q4ytie qru ghire
[20:44] laramoon: oh, god he's sexy when he's angry. *drools(
[20:44] sean_montgomery: Ooooooo
[20:44] mark_clark: You are not a man, Brainiac.
[20:44] laramoon: Weeeeeeeeeeee
[20:44] babettew54: Yayyay
[20:45] laramoon: gooo!!!!!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: Oo!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: Shiny!
[20:45] laramoon: WEeeeee!
[20:45] htbthomas: *nerdgasms*
[20:45] sean_montgomery: GO CLARK!
[20:45] laramoon: LOL
[20:45] laramoon: oh, that was awesome
[20:45] htbthomas: TOTALLY
[20:45] laramoon: Kara!!!!
[20:45] sean_montgomery: In a Phantom Zone?
[20:45] sean_montgomery: LANA's NOT THERE!!!
[20:45] mark_clark: Uh huh
[20:45] sean_montgomery: *dances*
[20:46] sean_montgomery: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:46] laramoon: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:46] laramoon: nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
[20:46] laramoon: no more Lana... I wanted her dead....!
[20:46] laramoon: (sorry_
[20:46] sean_montgomery: *throws something at the TV*
[20:46] mark_clark: lol
[20:46] htbthomas: You're in good company here
[20:46] sean_montgomery: DIE LANA!!!
[20:46] sean_montgomery: JUST
[20:46] sean_montgomery: FREAKING
[20:46] htbthomas: I'm saying yes because I've seen this scene
[20:46] sean_montgomery: DIE
[20:46] sean_montgomery: ALREADY!!!
[20:46] laramoon: yes, yes, the world needs you.
[20:47] laramoon: not her
[20:47] sean_montgomery: LOIS!!
[20:47] mark_clark: Yay, about damn time!!
[20:47] laramoon: heeee!!!!!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: (oh, shut up, Lana!)
[20:47] sean_montgomery: Comfort him, Lois!
[20:47] laramoon: Lois! Lois! Lois!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: Get Lana out of his head!!
[20:47] laramoon: awwwww!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: hug...?
[20:47] mark_clark: Go Lois.
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!!
[20:47] babettew54: bye Lana...squeee
[20:47] sean_montgomery: CLOIS!!!!!
[20:47] sean_montgomery: YES!!!!!
[20:47] laramoon: heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:47] laramoon: *dies*
[20:47] mark_clark: Yay!!
[20:48] babettew54: lol
[20:48] sean_montgomery: ,mcnv/dfbgadklfvdln mn.,dbfv m,adfv dF:ndf/v,baegkjbadb
[20:48] laramoon: YAY
[20:48] sean_montgomery: hgkrgh;kqerg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: gphq;reiug;ekbgqer
[20:48] sean_montgomery: gpqer;iug34t;kjebrge
[20:48] sean_montgomery: rgugtlerbgqegbqer
[20:48] sean_montgomery: giehriugtkbaerg
[20:48] mark_clark: Awww, ain't that sweet.
[20:48] sean_montgomery: pgigqpiugt;ekrjbgqerg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: qergoieriugt;ejkrbgg
[20:48] sean_montgomery: egoiye;tg;jkb;erfqelrifqe
[20:48] babettew54: cloissssss
[20:48] laramoon: oooh! YAY!!!!
[20:48] sean_montgomery: *just scared everyone upstairs*
[20:48] mark_clark: LOL
[20:48] sean_montgomery: *rewinds*
[20:48] htbthomas: My family just rolls their eyes
[20:48] laramoon: well, dang, I think we actually need to thank Lana for that one. (*sticks finger down throat*)
[20:49] mark_clark: LOL
[20:49] laramoon: my BF went to hide in the kitchen...
[20:49] htbthomas: LOL, mine came down earlier to mock
[20:49] laramoon: hehhe
[20:49] htbthomas: "Oh, Clark, KISS ME"
[20:49] laramoon: he watches it with me, but I'm squeeing too much, apparently
[20:49] sean_montgomery: LOL!
[20:49] laramoon: hehehe :D
[20:49] sean_montgomery: It's about time she said that... -_-
[20:50] sean_montgomery: I want Welling to direct another episode!
[20:50] mark_clark: That's what I get for being the only guy in this chat. Thanks a lot Barb.
[20:50] laramoon: awww!
[20:50] htbthomas: He has no room to talk, he knows the shipping helps me feel romantic
[20:50] babettew54: wayyyy overdue, so why is she coming back next year??? whyyyyyyy????
[20:50] laramoon: she's back for what, 6 eps?
[20:50] htbthomas: Should I get Todd to join?
[20:50] sean_montgomery: *takes a knife and STABS!!!!! Clana to EVER LOVING DEATH*
[20:50] babettew54: 6 too many
[20:51] laramoon: oh yeah, totally
[20:51] laramoon: awww! jimmy
[20:51] sean_montgomery: Aww... Jimmy...
[20:51] laramoon: he's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
[20:51] laramoon: awww!!!!
[20:51] laramoon: bah, he's not gonna propose is he?
[20:51] htbthomas: Ummm
[20:52] sean_montgomery: If he thought he was going to lose her tonight, he obviously hasn't been paying attention for six seasons...
[20:52] mark_clark: lol
[20:52] htbthomas: He's only been around for two
[20:52] sean_montgomery: I know
[20:52] laramoon: AH!
[20:52] htbthomas: Right? Or three? Can't remember
[20:52] sean_montgomery: I'm saying he hasn't bee-WAHT?!?!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: *JAW DROPS*
[20:52] laramoon: oooh!!!!
[20:52] laramoon: awww!!!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
[20:52] laramoon: he's sooo cute!!!
[20:52] sean_montgomery: =))
[20:53] mark_clark: Awww, Jimmy.
[20:53] laramoon: Oh frack!
[20:53] htbthomas: Oopsie!
[20:53] mark_clark: It figures Lex would do that.
[20:53] laramoon: dammit to hell
[20:53] sean_montgomery: WEll, darn
[20:53] sean_montgomery: ANSWER
[20:53] laramoon: ouchie
[20:53] sean_montgomery: BAD Jimmy!
[20:54] babettew54: wha???
[20:54] sean_montgomery: OH %(^&@!!
[20:54] laramoon: heee!
[20:54] htbthomas: *dances*
[20:54] mark_clark: Well, Jimmy, that's what you get when you make a deal with the devil.
[20:54] htbthomas: FORTRESSTIEM
[20:54] laramoon: *is clapping and cheering and squeeing all over the place*
[20:54] sean_montgomery: Hey look! His head gleams! :P
[20:54] mark_clark: LOL
[20:54] htbthomas: With strange blue light....
[20:55] sean_montgomery: It's purple on my TV...
[20:55] mark_clark: Did the orb get him inside??
[20:55] laramoon: possibly?
[20:55] sean_montgomery: Five minutes...
[20:55] laramoon: uh oh
[20:55] htbthomas: I know, I've been watching the clock with dread
[20:55] sean_montgomery: *gulps*
[20:55] laramoon: oops
[20:56] laramoon: well, duh.
[20:56] laramoon: 'bout time he understood...
[20:56] mark_clark: No, Clark needs a suit.
[20:57] sean_montgomery: And a curl named Kenny
[20:57] laramoon: yes, a tight one. with a cape for when he FLIES.
[20:57] sean_montgomery: Three minutes!!
[20:57] mark_clark: Boo Hoo, Lex.
[20:58] laramoon: Eloves a very evil Lex
[20:58] htbthomas: *gasp*
[20:58] babettew54: trust Lex??
[20:58] sean_montgomery: *heart is racing*
[20:58] laramoon: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:58] babettew54: noooooo
[20:58] sean_montgomery: CLark!
[20:58] htbthomas: "Kal-El"??? OMG
[20:58] laramoon: nononononononononononon
[20:59] laramoon: wth?
[20:59] htbthomas: :O
[20:59] laramoon: WHA?
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] mark_clark: Oops
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] htbthomas: *jaw drops*
[20:59] laramoon: NO
[20:59] sean_montgomery: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
[20:59] htbthomas: f'3qio4jht5ovq32i4uto;4Y TUTO348QUFVTIOY3UH4QIPT384VTQ34IUEWHYRGIU;QH34;ITGH4QW5R
[20:59] sean_montgomery: ljnv;akshjkerbgjbv
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aehv;aerbf;qriughaeljbqjkgn'erviye
[20:59] sean_montgomery: rgp[i
[20:59] sean_montgomery: rophvae;igvieurgperuvg[fhiq3g
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aeropvuperg;qkj3bgoihvwerg
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aevpoyaeluyfg3qk;j4therovylaebt;ludf;vgawjbtjbaerg
[20:59] sean_montgomery: aovypaeirugtewkghoaeglkejrbgoidf;vgbejgba
[20:59] sean_montgomery: badohvpwgtjber;iovypwagrkqebg;jba
[20:59] sean_montgomery: WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT?!??!
[20:59] mark_clark: Abby, that language.
[21:00] laramoon: oh, good godééé
[21:00] laramoon: ah, there goes my accents. ;)
[21:00] mark_clark: That was anti-climatic.
[21:00] htbthomas: He destroyed himself along with Clark?
[21:00] sean_montgomery: No kidding...
[21:00] htbthomas: What?
[21:00] mark_clark: Or so we are made to believe.
[21:01] babettew54: what the??
[21:01] htbthomas: Of course they have to leave it at a cliffhanger
[21:01] laramoon: Lex isn't back next season, so *something* happened... but what?!?!?!
[21:01] mark_clark: It seems that the part of the artic with the Fortress returned to what it was before.
[21:01] babettew54: see you in September... strange wtf endng???
[21:02] mark_clark: You got that right, Babette.
[21:02] sean_montgomery: Dood.
[21:02] laramoon: and that's all the ball does?
[21:02] htbthomas: Yes, but I totally was shocked, I didn't think he'd sacrifice himself
[21:02] laramoon: gee
[21:02] mark_clark: Pretty much.
[21:02] sean_montgomery: I, like, don't even have a rational guess to this...
[21:02] babettew54: why didn't Jor-El speak up??
[21:02] babettew54: I don't get it!
[21:02] mark_clark: Exactly
[21:03] htbthomas: I think we're not meant to yet
[21:03] babettew54: Why did Lex apologize?
[21:03] sean_montgomery: Isn't too late to apologize?
[21:03] babettew54: Lex is insane
[21:03] laramoon: cause he's not completely evil yet?
[21:03] htbthomas: We'll hopefully find out later... I think it's because Lex truly sees himself as savior -- he wishes he didn't have to kill the man he could have 'ruled with/over'
[21:04] mark_clark: No, I think he still thinks of Clark like a friend. Deep down, very deep down.
[21:04] sean_montgomery: Yeah. I'm with Mark
[21:04] babettew54: I see, the things he said about working with Clark to rule the world..
[21:04] htbthomas: I would have said that before he killed his younger self
[21:04] laramoon: didn't he say brother?
[21:04] sean_montgomery: I don't believe he destroyed that element yet.
[21:04] mark_clark: Yes, he did.
[21:04] babettew54: Is Lex dead?
[21:04] mark_clark: No
[21:05] laramoon: he can't be dead.
[21:05] htbthomas: I don't know
[21:05] babettew54: really??
[21:05] laramoon: screws up canon too badly
[21:05] sean_montgomery: See? The After-Season is only five minutes old and ALREADY we're speculating. :D
[21:05] mark_clark: Right
[21:05] htbthomas: But yeah, I don't think he is
[21:05] htbthomas: But will he remember what just happened?
[21:05] laramoon: isn't he back a few eps anyway?
[21:05] mark_clark: Probably not.
[21:05] htbthomas: I PRAY he will, but I really doubt it
[21:05] babettew54: Oh well, he'll have no memory.
[21:05] laramoon: or maybe they're just flashbacks...
[21:06] mark_clark: I would hope so, they need some resolution to what happened at the end.
[21:06] babettew54: No Michael Rosenbaum at all next season..
[21:06] laramoon: I thought I heard he and :choke:Lana:choke: were back a few eps each
[21:06] htbthomas: :(
[21:06] babettew54: Just Lana, no Lex
[21:06] sean_montgomery: Flashbacks. It's gotta be.
[21:06] htbthomas: I heard KK yes, MR no
[21:06] mark_clark: Actually, he wasn't going to be a regular. There was nothing said about him not appearing in a few episodes.
[21:06] htbthomas: AM just today yes
[21:06] htbthomas: Hmm, I hope we get a few
[21:07] laramoon: aww.. dangit... should have been him, at least he's likeable
[21:07] babettew54: I hope so, we have to find out what happened to him...
[21:07] mark_clark: He doesn't need to be around for the whole season, a few episodes will do.
[21:07] htbthomas: Yep
[21:08] laramoon: they're bringing in a new supervillain next year anyway ()
[21:08] htbthomas: *joins you*
[21:08] sean_montgomery: Who?
[21:08] mark_clark: Doomsday
[21:08] babettew54: doomsday and a 'lady' villian, I heard
[21:08] laramoon: ...yeah and that sucks
[21:08] sean_montgomery: What??
[21:08] htbthomas: Totally
[21:08] htbthomas: That doesn't belong on SV
[21:08] sean_montgomery: Oh, like that'll save it...
[21:08] mark_clark: Yeah, I think that's kinda dumb.
[21:08] laramoon: cause... dammit... doomsday kills Superman... and Clark isn't Superman yet... and...
[21:08] laramoon: GAH! it makes no sense
[21:08] babettew54: no sense at all
[21:08] mark_clark: Uh huh
[21:08] sean_montgomery: *facepalm*
[21:09] htbthomas: It's not like they don't have 70 years of canon to draw from or something
[21:09] laramoon: they had a brilliant villain... they're replacing him by a mindless killing machine.
[21:09] laramoon: blah
[21:09] sean_montgomery: Maybe it's a sign of things to come. Doesn't the show only have one more season to go
[21:09] sean_montgomery: ?
[21:09] babettew54: why doomsday...I'm worried about the new season..
[21:09] mark_clark: This is way I'm not overly fond of newer villains.
[21:09] htbthomas: Yes
[21:09] laramoon: yeah, one more.
[21:09] mark_clark: Yep
[21:10] htbthomas: And a short season as well, I heard
[21:10] laramoon: serious?
[21:10] mark_clark: Really?
[21:10] sean_montgomery: So Clark needs to grow up and become Superman, like, TOMORROW, then?
[21:10] laramoon:
[21:10] htbthomas: Yes. If I find the link, I'll post it
[21:10] mark_clark: Ok
[21:10] babettew54: Ok folks, I'm out, it's been fun!!! night all
[21:10] htbthomas: Night!
[21:10] sean_montgomery: 'Night, Barb!
[21:10] htbthomas: Thanks everyone!
[21:10] mark_clark: Good night!!

Thank you for a fun time, guys!


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May. 16th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
You are all stark-raving insane. And incredibly entertaining.
May. 16th, 2008 01:52 am (UTC)
I applaud you if you actually read all of that! :D

We do try, though. ;)
May. 16th, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
sanity is way over-rated. ;)
May. 16th, 2008 09:43 am (UTC)
Totally. :D
May. 16th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
Reading that was much more satisfying than watching the finale. :)

I just told myself, when was the last time Smallville had a finale that didn't leave me in the lurch? Never!
May. 16th, 2008 09:42 am (UTC)
Can you imagine what they're going to have to do next year? I can't decide if it'll be a satisfying conclusion, or whether they'll just leave us in the lurch again. :D
May. 16th, 2008 05:50 am (UTC)
Sorry for not showing up. I wasn't really in the mood for chatting. It was fun to read though.
May. 16th, 2008 09:41 am (UTC)
Oh, *hugs* Don't worry about it. I think you do have to be in a certain frame of mind to chat.

I'm sure there'll be a next time!
May. 16th, 2008 11:25 am (UTC)
Yeah, that was fun and it brings make memories of the Heroes chat. I really hate cliffhanger endings especially when a character who won't have a regular role on the show next year is a part of it. The speculation will now begin on how they'll resolve this.
May. 16th, 2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
You know I like cliffhangers, but I know I'm in the minority. :)

But yeah, what the heck will they do?
May. 16th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)
We are insane!!! That was so much fun!:D Thanks, Barb..!!!
May. 16th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
Wasn't it? I love doing these chats, it makes watching the show so much more fun. :)
May. 16th, 2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
I have spoiled for the Kara-Brainiac thing, too bad, it ruined something. But.... still.
No way!! The Spice Girl song! It's exactly the one I sing to stuck it in my bf's head. Genius!
"sean_montgomery: Ah, season-finale set damage." It's true, and it's also canon on smallville. Do you think they'll destroy the while town in the serie's finale like in BtVS? Could be fun... Clark has training, he blew up a whole in his backyard... he could pull it off, right? And then, fly away with Lois in his arms... To join Chloe and Ollie on top of the Queen's tower... Right, never gonna happpen. Stopping now.
"babettew54: is there a landing strip at the north pole...huh???" Good point. I wondered that myself. I guess it wouldn't have had the same suspence if they mad Lex crash...
"sean_montgomery: LANA's NOT THERE!!!
mark_clark: Uh huh
sean_montgomery: *dances*" That was pretty much my reaction. Please don't let them do the 'clark gets her back once again and is all love sick puppie' routine once more! Moving on with Clois!!
I loved that Clois scene.... although... If it had been me... I wouldn't have done the Chlark kiss at the end of season 5, so now I could pull the 'Lois doesn't know how to react so she kisses him better...'. Aaawww.
I just drooled. It made my urge to slap Clark for crying go away and turned me in fangirl big time.

Ah man, I was sure Lex would do that to Chloe. Now we gotta made him pay. Damn, this actually gives her time to think of what he asked. But... I hate Lex.
Really, honestly, sometimes Jimmy is a morron.

"htbthomas: He destroyed himself along with Clark?
htbthomas: Yes, but I totally was shocked, I didn't think he'd sacrifice himself." I don't think he meant to...

"aramoon: Lex isn't back next season, so *something* happened... but what?!?!?!
laramoon: I thought I heard he and :choke:Lana:choke: were back a few eps each
babettew54: Just Lana, no Lex"
I thought lex was back for a few episodes too... Weird. Maybe we'll see him frosen in the... um, remains of the fortress on the season's finale... opening his eyes. dundundundundun!!!

"babettew54: why didn't Jor-El speak up??
babettew54: I don't get it!
mark_clark: Exactly" me neither. Are Kryptonian that cruel with their kids? I mean, letting him die... after all the trouble he went through to have him going on.

"babettew54: Why did Lex apologize?
sean_montgomery: Isn't too late to apologize?
babettew54: Lex is insane
laramoon: cause he's not completely evil yet?"
He apologized. I must have missed that because of all teh squeeing.

"babettew54: doomsday and a 'lady' villian, I heard
laramoon: ...yeah and that sucks
sean_montgomery: What??
htbthomas: Totally
htbthomas: That doesn't belong on SV
sean_montgomery: Oh, like that'll save it...
mark_clark: Yeah, I think that's kinda dumb.
laramoon: cause... dammit... doomsday kills Superman... and Clark isn't Superman yet... and...
laramoon: GAH! it makes no sense"
I hear... a hot female vilain.. to whim Clark will be attracted. And there will be another female character that will get his soft spot.... F$£¤*@!!!! Are they ever going to have CLOIS??? Dammit!
May. 16th, 2008 03:29 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I will never be able to remove "Wannabe" completely from my mind - my students ten years ago made that impossible.

I think they'll be having fun destroying whatever they can next year! I mean, except for the Daily Planet, what's sacred? They'll probably do that in, too. :D

I hope Lex is back briefly, at least long enough to tie up loose ends.

There had BETTER BE Clois in S8. I can't imagine there wouldn't be. Tess is probably a short thing as far as attraction is concerned.

Glad you enjoyed our silliness!
May. 16th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
Damn, I'v had it on repeat the whole day. It's aweful, and yet I can't stop grinning.

Well they can't destroy the fram until the very end... the show is called Smallville after all...
And they can't destroy the fortress either, I mean, without bringing it back... It's on Superman, right?

I guess he will, or they'll find a way to make it all clear. I don't think money will be a problem. I'll miss him, probably. But they always have a way to surprise us, so... But at least we won't have Lana, sorry if you like her but it was starting to get REALLY old.
I re watched Reckoning today with my boyfriend -the 100th episode where she dies- and I was thinking... 'what else happens that is important with her?' and I was like 'Stay dead! Stay dead!'

Yeah, but they could... not make Clois is season eight. After all, I can't remember but... are they together at the beginning of Superman? Maybe they'll choose not to show Clois as they chose not to show us Superman... Turns out they had seconds thoughts on not showing Clark flying I hear... *squee*

Oh I enjoyed, I'm really sad I wasn't there. Although I have to admit watching the episode without the commercial was a plus.
May. 16th, 2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a good time.
May. 16th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
We did! Too bad you couldn't make it. But I'm sure there'll be a next time!
May. 16th, 2008 04:01 pm (UTC)
I'm a little disturbed that there was Fine Dr. Fine beatings in this ep, from what I've read. Because that makes Mel upset. Can't touch the sexyness of James, *shakes finger at Clark* Mustn't hurt that face!

I actually wish I'd seen this ep, though I prolly wouldn't have a clue what was up, because I think I quite on this show sometime in S5. *heh*

No smashing Dr. Sexy McGuHFine, please!
May. 16th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
Yes, there was smashage! BAD writers. He was pretty much toast at the end of the fight, which was really awesomely done, actually.

There have been some really good eps this season. You might wanna check out the DVDs for S6 and S7 on Netflix. But of course, giving up on the show is perfectly natural! I just can't get away from my crack...
May. 16th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
OMG, this really makes me wish I had been home! I don't even WANT to go into the things I was yelling at the screen!

Mom, find me those Mr. Pointy icons! I think he needs to find Lana.
May. 16th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
I wish you had been, too! :) But yes, there was a lot of rage and WTF?-ery. But we also had squee and joy in many places. So I'll consider it a wash. ;)

I have the Mr. Pointy OTP icon at home. I'll get it to you soon. Remind me?
May. 17th, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
May. 17th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
*tacklehugs* Mom, you are the greatest! *smooches and some more hugs*

Now, if you all will excuse me, me and Mr. Pointy and I are off to find his long-lost love.

*evil grin*
(Deleted comment)
May. 17th, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
Yes! Go poke her on her own journal, too. :D
May. 17th, 2008 12:48 pm (UTC)
Well, ah... if anyone's interested. You or/and your fellow chatters... I've got a brand new Yahoo!ID, but I don't have any friends yet so... Here you got, in case someone wants to add me.
May. 17th, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
I'll add you - won't be home for several hours, though.
May. 20th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
I love all the incoherency at all the right scenes. ;)
May. 20th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
Hee! Yes, that's the best part - all the flail and squee. :)
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