Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

On a Lighter Note...

From our weekly chat:
htbthomas: Well dang
htbthomas: I was hoping the reveal was in this one
sean_montgomery: WAs that a Clois hug I saw??
htbthomas: Todd distracted me, will rewind
htbthomas: Couldn't tell
sean_montgomery: Dangit, I want a Clois hug after this episode!
htbthomas: Me too!
sean_montgomery: It was stinky!
htbthomas: Yes
htbthomas: But the next one looks promising
sean_montgomery: Hopefully.
sean_montgomery: You could tell this one looked weird from the promo last week.
sean_montgomery: Anything with Clark in a church and a priestly figure kneeling has GOT to have weirdness in it somewhere
htbthomas: Yes, but it had a side helping of weird on top of that
sean_montgomery: With a dallop of weird on the top
htbthomas: With weird sauce and free weird cheesecake for dessert
sean_montgomery: And a suicide soda. With extra weird
htbthomas: With a cherry on top!
htbthomas: Green
sean_montgomery: And moldy
sean_montgomery: That weird kinda moldy that looks like it's growing hair
htbthomas: Teague coulda used that
htbthomas: Or Lex, hey
sean_montgomery: *SNORT*
sean_montgomery: That's what this is all about
sean_montgomery: Lex just wants his hair back
htbthomas: Hair envy!
sean_montgomery: They all want Tom's hair
htbthomas: Those Tombrows would make anyone insane
sean_montgomery: XD
Tags: crackville

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