Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Clark Who? Or what TV show are you watching?

Stolen from amilyn:

Based on Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are (And That's Okay) by Merlin Missy.

The shows I am currently watching or intend to watch if/when they come back:

Chuck - The Cute Nerdy Guy Somehow Manages to Save the World and Keep a Retail Job Show

Dexter - The Wow, That Guy is Totally Intriguing Even Though He's a Serial Killer Show

Flight of the Conchords - "Finally, Robotic Beings Rule the World" -- Oh, Wait, Is There an Actual Story Around Those Videos? Show

Heroes - The Rollercoaster, OMG, Did That Just Happen Show aka The Show I Will Likely Watch Until After Its Ignominious Death

How I Met Your Mother - The Robin/Barney/Lily/Marshall Show, Oh, Yeah, And A Guy Named Ted Who Will Not Meet "The Mother" Until The Writers Are Sure the Show Isn't Being Renewed, So Who Cares? Show

Monk - The OCD Detective Who Should Totally Hook Up With His Assistant, But Only After Trudy's Murder Is Solved Show

Moonlight - The Show Which Is So Tropey It Shouldn't Be So Addictive, But, Wow, Is Alex O'Loughlin Hot Show

New Amsterdam - The Detective Show With A Slightly Different Take on the Issue of Immort-- OMG, Is That Accent Sexy... Huh, What Was I Saying Again? Show

Psych -- The How Can Two Hetero Life Partners Best Friends Be So Darn Cute, Plus Bonus Humorous Mysteries Show

Pushing Daisies -- The Oo, That Is So Shiny I Don't Even Really Ship Anything Seriously But Cinematographer/Designer and Can Jim Dale Narrate My Life? Show

Scrubs - The Once Upon A Time It Was All About JD/Elliott And The Musical Numbers And Now I'm So Attached To All of The Characters That I Can't Believe It's Almost Over, But Wait, What Did I Hear About ABC Maybe Picking It Up? Show

Smallville - The That Is NOT my Clark Kent, Or My Lana Lang For That Matter (But That Is Certainly My Lois Lane, Take That Haterz) But I Keep Watching Because I Am Deluded Into Thinking It Will Redeem Itself In The End Show

The Spectacular Spider-Man (animated) - The Oo, They're Actually Keeping The Good Canon Bits, But Changing Up Other Things Pretty Well, kabuki_party Please Give This Show Another Try Show

Heh, that was fun. :)
Tags: meme, tv

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