Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Google Your Name meme

This one from bistyboo1974 made me laugh:

Google your name in quotes with the word 'is' (ex. "kim is") and post your 10 favorite results.

10. Santa Barbara is Reading for Earth Day
9. Barbara is a healthy and very good baby.
8. Barbara Is Royally Flush with Viewers
7. Barbara is right on the nose.
6. Rosanne Cash says Barbara is, "A beautiful standout. A real poetic songwriter with a gorgeous, nuanced voice."
5. One evening, Barbara is followed to Perkins' warehouse hideout by the police, who are accompanied by San Francisco newspaper reporter Ed Montgomery.
4. I bet Barbara is peeing in her pants with this letter.
3. Soon Barbara is asking her psychiatrist if she shouldn't take less Valium, only to be told by him that she mustn't quit.
2. Barbara is loved by her fans for her talent, intelligence, erotic sexuality, and a mysterious beauty that is unique; her face epitomizes either sweet innocence, or malign evil (she is wonderful to watch either way).
1. St. Barbara is invoked against lightning and sudden death.

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