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Dissonance, 7/9: Hope

Title: Dissonance, 7/9: Hope
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Spider-Girl
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,692 words
Summary: May 'Mayday' Parker, daughter of Spider–Man, crosses dimensions and meets the family that never knew her. A Spider–Girl x Spider–Man crossover.
A/N: More adding of an older story to LJ.  Please feel free to ignore, or review if you are so inclined!
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From the top of the building opposite, this place seemed like a highly unlikely front for a superhero: a comics shop called Deacon’s Den. After talking with Jarvis at the front gate of the Avengers Mansion (he probably could have easily gotten past the security, but why bother?), he had learned that Spider-Girl had contacted them late last night. Over the intercom, J2 had told him that she had needed to get in touch with Doc Magus. A sorcerer? Why did you need his help, May? Peter had worked with Dr. Strange a time or two in his day, and it worried him.

Well, do I just walk in the front door? If I didn’t have this artificial leg, I could really make an entrance… Shrugging, he shot a web-line and swung gracefully down to the entrance doors.

As he walked inside, a few customers looked up from browsing the boxes. Most did a double take, but then went right back to browsing. Peter chuckled inwardly. Bet it’s not that uncommon to see a costumed fan walk in the shop… As he approached the counter, the clerk barely looked up.

“May I help you?” the young man drawled unconcernedly.

Spider-Man took in his jet black hair, scraggly goatee, spare frame – all as he kept his eyes focused on a comic book in his hands. The superhero cleared his throat, amused.

The clerk sighed, and put the comic on the counter. Finally, looking straight at Spider-Man, he said, “Yes?” with a touch of impatience.

The wallcrawler lowered his voice. “I’m looking for Doc Magus. Is he around?”

The clerk straightened up in incredulity. “And who are you?”

Spider-Man gestured dramatically to his costume. “One guess.”

The young man huffed in flat disbelief. “Yeah. Right.”

If his mask had had eye cut-outs, the guy would have seen Peter’s eyes roll expressively. “Do I always have to give a demonstration? Geez…”

In the blink of an eye, Spider-Man zipped a strand of webbing to catch the comic in every customer’s hand, including the one that had been sitting on the countertop. Gasps echoed around him. He started to flip through the one the clerk had been reading. “This one any good? … Man, the artwork in this leaves nothing to the imagination…”

Jaw a little slack, the clerk searched for the words to say. Spider-Man addressed the other people in the shop. “Hey, don’t worry, folks. The stuff dissolves without a trace in about an hour or so.” He turned back to the clerk. “Now about that question I had…”

The young man’s jaw shut audibly with a click of his teeth. His eyes narrowed. “Just a minute…” he grumbled, and opened the door to the back room. He soon disappeared within.

As he waited, Peter keenly felt the shocked stares of the shop’s patrons. He spun to face them and held out his hands. “So, how ‘bout them Yankees?”

Before anyone could answer him, however, the door behind him reopened. The clerk nodded his head sharply toward the room behind him, as if to say, Back there. Then he returned to sit on his stool, grabbing a fresh comic to read. The kid was distinctly… unimpressed.

What a … The guy probably sees heroes in here all the time, but still – show a little respect! Bet the owner would be interested to know his workers are so friendly… Peter thought as he vaulted over the counter, taking care to land on his good leg. It wouldn’t do for the artificial leg to come loose in public. He waved cheekily to the customers and entered the room.

An odd sort of mist emanated from the floor. He found the sorcerer in Dr. Strange’s classic pose – arms and legs crossed, levitating a few feet from the floor. Doc Magus’ red and black cape swirled unnaturally around him. Stephen always went a little lighter on the parlor tricks…

A large blue crystal glowed eerily in a bronze stand directly in front of the mage. His hands traced patterns in the air above. After a long pause, he finally turned toward his visitor. Spider-Man didn’t know what he was expecting when the sorcerer finally addressed him, but it wasn’t: “Hey, good to meet cha, Spidey. Whazzap?” He uncurled, floating to a standing position. “I guess you must need me to bail you out of something…” he said cockily.

This is the next Sorcerer Supreme? I’ll eat my mask if he’s a day over twenty-one… “Actually, Mr. Magic, I need to find out what you know about Spider-Girl. She’s missing.”

“Huh. You two related?”

“People always ask that…” He shifted away from the subject. “Have you seen her?”

“I saw her last night – that thing giving her trouble again?”

“What thing?” Spider-Man asked worriedly.

Doc Magus shrugged. “One of the artifacts at the Met Museum came to life, and she needed my help to get rid of it.”

At the sorcerer’s words, Peter was filled with unease. Was this the cause of her disappearance? “When?”

“About ten at night,” he said nonchalantly.

“Ten…” Peter muttered to himself. Ten? She was home at eleven. What ever happened to her, happened then. Maybe Magus has nothing to do with it, but I can’t shake the feeling that this kid is involved somehow…

As Peter mulled the problem over in his mind, Doc Magus began to mutter in a language unknown to Peter, and pass his hands back and forth above the blue crystal. “I am casting a location spell. If Spider-Girl is anywhere in the known universe, I will find her,” he said, with a touch of haughtiness. As the minutes passed, the look on his face shifted from cocky arrogance, to puzzlement, to concern.

Peter watched him anxiously, fear growing in his gut. Where are you, May?

“I … I don’t understand… this tracking spell usually works…” Doc Magus said, truly surprised.

“Are you sure you cast it correctly?” Spider-Man asked.

The sorcerer rounded on him in a fit of pique. “Of course I did, old man! I’m Sorcerer Supreme, no matter what you old guard types want to think!” he declared vehemently.

A flash of youthful righteous anger suddenly overtook Peter. “Spider-Girl is missing, dammit! You were the last person to see her before it happened – and my spider-sense tells me she’s gone because of you!” He stepped close, mask inches from that of Doc Magus, and grabbed him by the collar. “Finding her is more important than some blow to your precious pride, boy!”

“Me! How could I be responsible? She asked for my help, I gave it, end of story!” He yanked his cape away from Spider-Man and stalked toward his bookshelf. “Sheesh, as if I don’t get enough of this crap from Strange…”

“Maybe that’s who we should call, then,” Peter commented, still angry.

Magus didn’t respond, but shot an icy glare in Spider-Man’s direction. The younger man pulled a large tome down from the shelf, and it landed with a dusty thud. He flipped through the pages until he came to the one he wanted, and ran his gloved finger down the edge. “Dimensional banishment spells… ah, this is the one…” He read what was there quickly and suddenly stilled. “Uh oh…”

“What?” Spider-Man covered the distance to the shelf in a moment. “What?”

He raised his eyes and looked at the web-slinger with chagrin. “We may have to call Dr. Strange after all…”

The unmistakable tingle of her spider-sense caused Mayday to look up from her conversation with Mary Jane. Ben quieted as well, eyes fixated on the ghostly green presence before them. Mary Jane followed suit. She wasn’t positive, but the teenager thought this was some sort of astral projection…

“Do not be alarmed,” a confident voice emanated from the air around their table. “I have need to talk to you, and the other diners will not notice anything amiss.” The presence focused on Mary Jane. “Mrs. Parker, your husband and I have worked together many times over the years, but I do not believe we have had the pleasure. I am Dr. Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.”

Mary Jane hastily swallowed her nervousness, and handled the introduction with aplomb. “Pleased to finally make your acquaintance, Dr. Strange. Peter speaks highly of you.”

“I have long admired his courage and strength in the face of adversity, as well as his devotion to those he loves,” he nodded in recognition. “But my errand concerns your guest here. May, you should not be here.”

If the projection was true to his actual appearance, this Dr. Strange was years younger than his counterpart. This must be the Dr. Strange of this dimension. But… “How do you know who I am?”

“A lucky guess.” The astral form smiled slightly. “Actually, it is a simple thing for one with my training to find these things out. Normally, I do not pry into others’ affairs, but your presence in this dimension is cause for grave concern.” At the surprised look on her face, he elaborated, “I learned of your presence here earlier today. As a matter of course, I seek out disturbances in the fabric of reality and do my utmost to correct them. I found a… dissonance… in the harmony of our two planes of existence. When I traced the source of this dissonance, it led me here, to you.”

“Can you help me get home?” Mayday felt a stirring of hope.

“My dear young lady, it is of the utmost importance that I do so, both for your sake and the sake of your reality. For reasons I have not yet determined, your existence in your own world is key to its very survival. When I look into the future, I only see darkness for that world without you in it.”

“What can we do to help?” Mary Jane asked.

“Come to my home as soon as possible. Peter will know where it is located. I will make sure that my manservant Wong is prepared for your arrival.” He looked deeply into Mayday’s worried eyes. “Do not delay, young heroine.” With an implosion of light, he was gone.

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