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Dissonance, 5/9: Teamwork

Title: Dissonance, 5/9: Teamwork
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Spider-Girl
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,193 words
Summary: May 'Mayday' Parker, daughter of Spider–Man, crosses dimensions and meets the family that never knew her. A Spider–Girl x Spider–Man crossover.
A/N: More adding of an older story to LJ.  Please feel free to ignore, or review if you are so inclined!
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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Mayday almost did a double take. Green? Really? What her mother would think of that fashion choice, she had no idea. And what kind of threat could a bald old man like this really be? But the guy feels like trouble, and the way Peter reacted to him, I’d bet on it.

As if they had been in battle together for years, the two web-slingers glided toward the man in the winged suit. “Vulture!” Peter called out to him, almost exasperated. “Can’t we go even a few days without seeing each other? I mean, really! We’ve tangled at least three times in the last couple weeks alone!” Sweeping in from the side, he planted a forceful two-footed kick in the man’s side. “It’s really getting embarrassing…”

The teenaged superhero wondered if her dad had been this way years ago. Is it always smackdown first, and ask questions later? Still, the spider-sense was rarely wrong…

“Gah!” the aging bird-man cried… did Spider-Man just call himVulture? “Don’t you have better things to do than interfere with my business?” He recovered quickly, twisting in mid-air. Not bad for an old geezer, Mayday thought, impressed. At that moment, he finally seemed to notice her presence. “Hey, is that Felicia under there?” he cackled. “Or did you trade her in for the latest model?”

“Felicia? We’re ancient history, pal…” The older web-slinger shot a web-line to try to entangle the Vulture’s wings. “And she’d scratch your eyes out for that crack, and you know it.” They traded insults with practiced ease.

Mayday decided it was time to join in the action. She shot her own web-line to race ahead of the fighting pair. “They call me Spider-Girl,” she turned her head to acknowledge Spider-Man, “and no offense…” her attention returned to the aged super-villain, “he’s a bit too old for me…”

“None taken,” her partner called back smoothly.

“Anyway, I’m just visiting, and Spider-Man here was taking me sightseeing…” She made a dazzling double flip in front of him.

“How nice for you,” the Vulture said in a sickly sweet voice. His tone then turned icy. “Now, just let me through!” Using the tips of his powerful wings, he slid between the two spider-people, pushing them aside.

Mayday was surprised at how powerful he was. In her battles with Raptor, she had been able to overcome the girl fairly easily. Not that she was a pushover, mind you, the girl could fight! She was glad that Brenda was on the right side of the law now, and that she had become a pretty good friend.

Get your head in the game, girl! Now is not the time to reminisce! She joined Spider-Man in speeding after the Vulture. Show the boys what you can do!

If the Vulture’s suit was anything like Raptor’s, the most vulnerable spot would be his head. While Peter whipped around in a tight circle, she aimed her stingers just so…

“Aigh!” Vulture cried at the multiple points of pain blooming all over his upper body. He had no time to recover, however, as Peter completed his circle with a punch to the abdomen.

“Way to go! You set ‘em up, I knock ‘em down!” her ‘father’ quipped.

Green wings folding in on themselves, the super-villain crashed against the windows of the building opposite. He came out of his fall, and shot skyward with a growl – directly toward her.

Vulture tackled her forcefully. They turned end over end, tumbling through the air high above the streets. People below were beginning to take notice.

“Awfully forward for a first date, aren’t we?” Mayday wrenched her arms free of his grasp. She planted her palms on his broad chest. “Hands to yourself, buddy!” With an almost-palpable crack of energy, Mayday repelled him upward and away from her.

The look of surprise on his retreating face was priceless. Not such an easy target, am I? She landed quietly on the corner of a building.

The Vulture’s arc took him right into Spider-Man’s path. She heard a snikt and saw a flash as the setting sun hit some sort of foot-long spike protruding from Spider-Man’s forearm. What is that…?

He slashed downward at the Vulture’s back, directly into the power source of the mechanized suit. Electricity crackled harshly, and the winged man began to drop.

Working quickly, Mayday spun a web a few stories below to catch his fall. The criminal landed in it heavily, twisting violently to break its bonds. It was no use, however. With the two web-spinners to either side, he didn’t stand a chance. Layers of webbing stiffly bound his arms and legs to the sparkling web beneath.

“I hope you’re not ticklish, Vulchy,” Peter drawled, searching the suit for any clues to the man’s foiled errand. Mayday stood to the side, arms folded haughtily across her chest, but she was secretly grinning beneath her mask.

“You’re lucky you had this little brat with you, or I’d be long gone,” Vulture snarled.

“Just keep telling yourself that, friend…” It didn’t take long to produce a flash drive from a compartment in the lining of the suit. “I’m guessing someone will be upset to lose whatever information is on this thing.”

“You little m-…” A stream of web-fluid quickly shut him up.

“Please!” Spider-Girl lowered her wrist. “My delicate ears!” She looked at the horizon, where the sun was setting completely into evening, then back at Peter. “Are we going to leave him here, or make a special delivery?”

After what should have been a routine drop at the police station (she hadn’t seen people so curious about her presence since she first started fighting crime in her dimension), they began to make their way home, just a couple of hours later than planned. Mayday hoped that Mary Jane was as used to it as her parents were. Otherwise, they might need to make a pizza run…

She turned toward Peter. “We make a great team, huh, ‘Dad’?” she said proudly.

“No doubt about that!” They fired web-lines almost in sync.

“It’s too bad we can’t do this on a regular basis. It would be fun to just patrol, father-daughter,” Mayday mused.

“Bad guys, beware!” he joked. But did she detect an odd tone to his voice?

She started to ask, but as web-fluid was shooting from her web shooters, it sputtered out, far short of the amount she needed to reach the next anchoring point. Oh, crap. And it’s not like I have any spare cartridges with me! Note to self: pack for interdimensional trips a little more carefully…

She seemed to hang in mid-air, almost comically, and then she plummeted straight downward.

“Mayday!” She could faintly hear Peter cry out above her as she fell, her mind working frantically, looking for a way to slow her fall. But whatever brilliant idea she might have had, all thoughts fled as a wave of vertigo hit her. “Ohhh,” she groaned. That’s never happened before…

Muscled arms suddenly encircled her waist, carrying her upward once more. “I’ve got you,” Peter’s voice reassured.

Faintly, she managed to say, “And what about my stomach?” before blackness overtook her.

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