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Dissonance, 2/9: Intuition

Title: Dissonance, 2/9: Intuition
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Spider-Girl
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,326 words
Summary: May 'Mayday' Parker, daughter of Spider–Man, crosses dimensions and meets the family that never knew her. A Spider–Girl x Spider–Man crossover.
A/N: More adding of an older story to LJ.  Please feel free to ignore, or review if you are so inclined!
Previous Chapters: 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Mom? Dad?" the disoriented teenaged girl spoke in a voice full of confusion. She stood before them, her back to the tall windows. Her short dark brown hair topped a trim, athletic frame. She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, hardly kidnapping apparel. But it was her face that had really struck Peter. That face was clearly a blend of his and Mary Jane's; in fact, it was the face he imagined that his daughter would have had if she had lived long enough to become a teenager. The shock at this strangely familiar girl's presence in his son's bedroom immediately gave way to suspicion. "Who are you?" he demanded tersely.

The girl pulled his son in close toward her body and swallowed nervously. He was totally unprepared for what came out of her mouth. "Um, it's me, Dad, May. Don't you know me?"

A rush of anger filled him. How dare she? My daughter was kidnapped years ago! I catch this girl, red-handed, trying to do the same with Ben, and she has the audacity to… “Is this some sort of sick joke?”

"No, I…" An odd look passed over the girl's chiseled features. She looked at the sleeping infant in her arms and suddenly seemed to understand why her presence unnerved him so profoundly. "Oh, my God!" she gasped, startled. "You must think…” She gently, but quickly, laid Ben back in his crib. Mercifully, he had not awakened.

Peter stalked slowly toward her. Somehow, despite all the security and surveillance in Stark Tower, this child had made it all the way into the bedroom of his only son! Perhaps she could teleport, but surely there were safeguards in place to prevent that. My spider-sense only detected her presence a few minutes ago. So how else could she suddenly be here?

The teenager slowly backed away from the crib, clearly confused and upset.

Mary Jane quickly scooped Ben up and carried him, still asleep, to the doorway.

The girl continued to stammer, “I… I don’t know what’s going on… I was in my baby brother’s room, giving him a kiss goodnight, and now I’m here… I went back in time once before, but you were just starting out, like me…” She looked around. “But we never lived in an apartment downtown…”

None of this made any sense. All Peter knew was that he needed to apprehend her without letting her harm his family or letting on about his abilities. She might look harmless, but he knew well enough not to trust appearances.

He sprang toward her, intending to grab her arm, but she twisted away a split second before he could get her in his grasp. Damn, she’s fast, he thought, shocked at the speed of her reflexes.

“No! D-Dad…” She didn’t seem to have any trouble saying the word. “You don’t understand…”

“The only thing I understand is that you are in my home, uninvited, and in my son’s bedroom, no less!” He put on a burst of speed in what would prove to be another vain attempt to wrap an arm around her, but again she jumped, no, leaped out of the way.

Mary Jane spoke. “Peter, maybe we should listen to what she has to say.”

He turned to his wife, questioningly, and saw a sort of assurance on her face. She nodded.

In his fear for his son, and anger over the intruder, he had not really noticed that, though his spider-sense had triggered when the girl first arrived, he was feeling no danger at this moment.

He looked directly into the girl’s pleading eyes. “All right. Tell us again. Who are you?”

The teenager swallowed, and began in a cautious tone, “My name is May Parker and I am the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. But I can see that you are not my parents. In… my world… my time… the two of you are a bit older. My dad has a shock of gray up here,” she ran her fingers through her widow’s peak, “and has a prosthetic leg.” She tilted her head to look at Mary Jane. “Actually, my mom still looks about the same… just as beautiful.”

In her world? Peter turned toward Mary Jane and saw her lips twist in amusement. MJ’s still beautiful, but I’m a gray-haired cripple?

Inwardly, he was wavering between disbelief, suspicion and astonishment. Mary Jane started to come forward, but he held out an arm to halt her. “MJ, you know the kind of craziness we’ve been through…” His voice turned hard as he addressed the intruder. “Our daughter May was taken from us several years ago by an enemy of mine. Even if she were still alive, you can’t possibly be her. You’re too old. So stop playing around with us, and tell us the real reason you’re here.”

“But I am May,” she asserted pleadingly, “just not your May…” May realized that although she didn’t know how she got here, she must be in some alternate version of reality. May had experienced it before, through a portal in the Avengers Mansion. Her face took on a determined expression. “I guess there’s only one way to prove who I really am.”

In a blindingly-fast motion, she whipped off the hooded sweatshirt, revealing the red and blue costume beneath, and leapt into the air. Her feet stuck to the wall, and she shot web fluid from the web shooters on her wrists.

She then swung to the opposite side of the room, executed a tight flip-twist in the air, and landed lightly on her feet. “In my world, I go by ‘Spider-Girl.’ I know it’s not the most original of names…” She gestured to the logo on the top half of her costume. “Mom gave this to me. You probably recognize it as Uncle Ben, um, Ben Reilly’s old one.”

Peter’s jaw fell as he stood there, transfixed as the impossible made itself plain before his eyes. MJ touched his arm gently. “Tiger, she has an awfully convincing argument. She has Ben’s old costume, your web shooters, and your abilities…” She smiled teasingly and added, “And your stubbornness.”

He ignored the playful jab and pressed on. “These things are all true. But who’s to say that she isn’t just one of Nick Fury’s SHIELD lackeys? Or somehow related to one of the many Spider-Women?”

If I get personal, maybe he’ll believe me. “In my family, there is a running joke about the first time the two of you met. How many people know what Mary Jane said to you that day?”

“Only a few,” he said skeptically.

“You had avoided meeting her for months, and when you finally did meet, you were blown away. Mom said to you, ‘Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.’ I must have heard that story a hundred times.”

May could tell by the look of astonishment on both of their faces that she had struck gold. “It's absolutely critical that you two believe me," she said anxiously, a tone of desperation plainly evident in her voice. "You may be my only chance of getting back home. I’ll submit to any lie detector test you want. And if you still don't believe me, I’ll take a DNA test. Please," she begged, tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes. "Believe me."

Peter seemed conflicted, but willing to listen. And then, just as in her own household, it was Mary Jane who sealed the deal. “She’s telling the truth, Peter. I can feel it in my heart.”

May had seen that look pass between her parents more often than she could count. Although Peter still had his reservations, he would trust his wife’s intuition and accept her assessment of the situation. May smiled.

“I wonder what Aunt May will think of all this,” Peter said, shaking his head.

Now it was May’s turn to be surprised. “Aunt May is still alive?”

A/N 2: This story is set in a slightly AU version of The Amazing Spider-Man, in which Peter and Mary Jane have had little Ben. Otherwise, I will try to stay true to the core titles.

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