Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

It's a conspiracy...

... real life doesn't want an update.

Let's see... my daughter is still getting used to her new schedule where she's with daddy all day at work (he's teaching at her preschool this year), and so she wants to spend as much mommy time at night as possible.  Which I don't mind at all... but after she goes to bed, all I want to do is sleep myself.  Not write.

... interim grades are due today.  So any little snatch of writing I could squeeze in between the planning and the grading and the teaching is spent on that.

Okay, well, I've written a grand total of 200 words since my last post.  Grr.  Thank goodness other people keep sending me stuff to beta, or I would feel completely depressed.

On a lighter note... the results of the smutty one-shot poll!

7 Votes for Happy Couple
5 Votes for Fantasy
2 Votes for Alternate Version

So I guess I'll start with the first one, to help me along whenever my muse is craving a little steaminess.  And then, since I got a pretty good split - I can do the fantasy one after that!  An alternate version?  Well, we'll see about doing that later.  I think I might have fun with all of them.  But now I know the order to work on them.

Thanks for your patience!

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