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Kiss Me, 1/1

Title: Kiss Me
Author: htbthomas
Category: Movieverse/Superman Returns
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,128 words
Summary: It has been weeks since the almost-kiss on the rooftop... and all either Lois or Clark can think about is finishing what they started. Written for 12days_of_clois.
Spoilers: This story contains spoilers for the movie, Superman Returns.
Author’s Notes: This story was sort of a challenge to myself: how many Kissing Tropes can I fit into one story? Feel free to play ‘spot the trope’ along the way! Thanks to van_el for alpha help, and mark_clark and sean_montgomery for the beta. And the beautiful banner is thanks to elliania!

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( Kiss Me )
Tags: 12 days of clois, fanfiction, superman returns

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