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Birthday Thank Yous!

I had a really lovely birthday weekend! My husband took me to Chili's on Friday night, and then we had Sunday lunch at Max & Erma's. I got to spend $25 dollars at Barnes and Noble, and picked up Cordelia's Honor, Stardust and Sunshine (based on your recs recently!)

You all are the most awesome f-list ever! Thank you for all the sweet and wonderful birthday wishes in LJs, my entries, emails and private messages! Specifically:

babettew54, bistyboo1974, chickadilly, clioidae, cuyler_morgan, katsie, foolish_grin, kabuki_party, jenn_1, jenna_knight, jessicaaa808, kalalanekent, killingmytime, lilyoftheval5, loisxxlane, louisemcgregor, mark_clark, misseri44, mrsmosley, oxy_irony, princess_narnia, sanoirokloklo, seacrystal, sean_montgomery (voice post), seraphkre, winddancer55945

And then for the fic and graphics! (Go see, read, comment!)

autumnrae89 -- Things Get Bizarre (Smallville, Clark/Lois, G, 1,649 words)
candyflosskillr -- All That Is Evil (Astonishing X-Men, Peter/Kitty, G, 150 words)
elspethdixon -- Spider-Man movieverse comment fic (Peter/MJ, PG)
jen_in_japan -- Prophecies Unheard (Heroes, Noah/Cassandra, G, 500 words)
mark_clark -- MJ's Special Day (Spider-Man comics, Peter/MJ, Jarvis/May, PG-13, 2,275 words)
professorjulia -- Twice-Told Tale, Part 1, Part 2 (Superman Returns, PG, 5,487 words)
taro_twist -- A Lead (Superman Returns, Clark/Lois, PG, 625 words)
van_el -- Brand New Day, Brand New Dead Guy (Spider-Man comics, Joe Q/inexplicable magic, PG, 707 words)

ancarett -- Superman Returns picspam story
bistyboo1974 -- Personal interest icons
dreamers_dh -- Hiro icons and story banner for Trust Me
elliania -- Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane birthday banner
van_el -- The layout banner and sidebar I'm using!

Virtual Gifts from:

babettew54, bistyboo1974, brdwaybebe, ecabs, fairfax_verde, kitkaos, trekkie6, winddancer55945

I can't forget the book from kabuki_party, audiobook from marcyjo, and PDF version from chickadilly!

Finally, I was really remiss in not pimping my Christmas gifts -- please go see, read and comment now if you missed these:

jadeblood -- Story banner for Fight or...?
kalalanekent -- Thursday Night (Superman Returns, Clark/Lois, NC-17, 3,779 words)
stolenpostit -- Morning Lullabies (Pushing Daisies, Ned/Chuck, PG, 414 words)
misseri44 -- Story banner for Passing Notes

Donna Boyd books from silverspidertm2
A dancing Spider-Man plushie from sean_montgomery

(If I missed you in this list, PLEASE tell me... I often fail at meticulousness...)
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