Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Smallville meme, because hey! I got me a bunch of new SV friends. :D

SV Pairing Meme stolen from superheroine:

How It Works

There are three categories to put your ships in: Faves/OTPs, Likes/OKs and Cracks/Just For Funs. Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. NO ANTI-SHIPS OR BASHING! This is a happy meme and was created to relieve ship-war stress. Feel free to add conditions to your ships, though. (Example: Lionel/Martha after Jonathan's death or Grant/Lois if Lois wasn't working for the Planet) Oh, and crossover couples welcome, especially in the Cracks/Just For Funs!

Clark/Lois - ha, big surprise there.
Chloe/Jimmy - Chloe needs someone, and Jimmy is ADORABLE, and currently unpaired in canon. I have a strong canon-pairing bias, but even though a little Jimmy/Kara is canon, I don't want them together right now.

Lex/Lana - I used to like this, before Season 6. I loved the EEEvil possibilities. :D
Pete/Lana - why can't this happen? Please, please bring Pete back. *sigh* Guess I'll have to settle for fanfic.
Martha/Lionel - no saying eww! I still like this one.
Lois/Oliver - fun in the interim, while Clark was stuck on Lana.

Cracks/Just For Funs
Clark/Chloe - the first few seasons, before Lois showed up. I can even admit to reading a Chlois story before I even knew what that was, and liking it. But once Erica appeared...
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