Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

The S-L-O-W progress continues...

Okay, so now I have my outline done!  Yay!  Still nothing on the actual chapter though. :(

You can thank my husband for talking me through the next stage of the construction mystery, though.  There was one plot point that was holding me up, and now I think I've gotten it under control.  :)

betty brant (my partner-in-crime beta) said in her reply to my outline: "So I take it that this will be a fairly 'plotty' chapter?  No time for fluff or characterization? (Too bad -- although it is necessary, of course)."  

And I had to agree, on the fluff part, at least.  I just don't put much characterization into my outlines... it just seems to flow as the chapter is being written.  Some time I should show you all a comparison of outline to finished product.

So anyone who was looking forward to a furthering of the sub-plot... you're up next!!  Fluff-lovers... your time is coming again.  But believe me, it's all still close to the surface. :)
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