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TV Update!

Or the schedule of doom, part 2. So we're into November sweeps, and I wanted to post my results. I've dropped some, added some and become obsessed with a couple new shows. ♥

The Plan
Downton Abbey (D)
Once Upon a Time (D)
Bob's Burgers (D/L not sure)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (D)
The Walking Dead (D)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners (T)
Castle (L)
Revolution (T)

New Girl (L)
Ben and Kate (T)
Go On (T)
The New Normal (T)
The Mindy Project (T)
Raising Hope (L)
Happy Endings (L)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (L)
Covert Affairs (continued from summer - D)

The Middle (L)
Animal Practice (T)
Modern Family (L)
The Neighbors (T)
Arrow (T)
Suburgatory (L)

The Big Bang Theory (L/D)
Up All Night (D)
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (T)
30 Rock (L)
The Vampire Diaries (D)
Beauty and the Beast (T)

Whitney (L)
Community (L)
Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L)
Merlin (L/D)
What Actually Happened

Downton Abbey (D - haven't seen 3.03 on yet)
Once Upon a Time (L)
Bob's Burgers (D)
Dexter (L)
Revenge (D)
Homeland (L)
The Walking Dead (D)
Misfits (I haven't started the new season, anyone care to weigh in?)

How I Met Your Mother (L)
Partners -- dropped
Castle (L, D when I'm tired)
Revolution -- dropped

Raising Hope (L)
Ben and Kate (L) ♥♥♥
New Girl (L)
Go On (D)
The New Normal (D)
The Mindy Project -- dropped, but I might retry it in the summer
Happy Endings (D)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 (D)
Covert Affairs (D)

Arrow (L) ♥♥♥
The Middle (D)
The Neighbors (D)
Animal Practice -- canceled
Modern Family (D)
Suburgatory (D)
Whitney (D when it starts)

The Vampire Diaries (L - mostly because of Viggle!)
Beauty and the Beast (L)
Community (L - replace TVD when it FINALLY comes back Feb. 7)
The Big Bang Theory (D)
30 Rock (D)
Up All Night -- dropped
Parks and Recreation (L)
Elementary (L, D when I'm tired)

Grimm (L)

Doctor Who (L/D)
Merlin (D - I'm behind on this, too)

I can't believe I manage to get all of this watched per week, but somehow I do. *shrugs* What are you guys still watching?



Nov. 11th, 2012 10:23 pm (UTC)
Holy shit, that is a lot of TV. I don't know how you manage that, either.

I've dropped all my sitcoms except the ones that aren't airing right now (Community and Cougar Town). I started off thinking I'd want to watch The Mindy Project even if it didn't step up all season, but something changed there so I've given up on that too. Today I decided to drop The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries, because I'm just not excited about either anymore, and when TVD isn't even giving me Elena feelings, it's time to move on. So I am currently keeping up with Once Upon a Time, Castle, Hart of Dixie, Scandal, Elementary and Beauty and the Beast. And Pretty Little Liars, which remains, quite frankly, my favorite thing. I have no plans to pick up anything new at the moment, though I watched the first two episodes of both New Girl and Underemployed this week. I'm just not committing to either of them yet.
Nov. 11th, 2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
Which comedies did you try and drop?

I've never watched The Good Wife, Hart of Dixie, Scandal or Pretty Little Liars. Probably because of what I said to myr_soleil about needing that secret identity component, ha! Although, does PLL have it? If so, maybe I should check it out. :D

I love New Girl. It really hits its stride about halfway through S1, if you have the stamina. I'd never heard of Underemployed until you mentioned it. Is it an MTV show?
Nov. 11th, 2012 10:55 pm (UTC)
I didn't try any new comedies--I just dropped some that I'd been watching for a while. I quit Parks because I was always mostly in it for Ann and she never got anything to do; I quit Modern Family because, although I really enjoyed all the women in it, I was never fully positive about it; and I quit Happy Endings because I was no longer relating to Jane and I'd been feeling for a while that the characters' traits were being inflated for the sake of the plot/humor, which I'm just not into.

I'd say Scandal has a secret identity component--Quinn is not Quinn, and Olivia is involved in some kind of conspiracy. As for Pretty Little Liars, it definitely FEELS secret identity-y, and not just in that the villain is anonymous and therefore anyone the girls are in contact with could plausibly be their torturer. The girls do so much illicit detectiving and go through so much together that they can't tell anyone about. But I'm not sure there's any actual secret identity stuff in it. Again, aside from the villain. And the dead girl's brunette alter ego. And that horrible Nate storyline which was so horrible I cannot in good conscience sell it to you as an enticement. But pretty much everyone is hiding something.

Yes, Underemployed is an MTV show. It hits my embarrassment squick quite a bit, but I am so very taken with Sophia. She's the reason I started watching (I saw a gifset of her telling her friends she was into a 'her,' not a 'him') and she is incredibly relatable (she uses the exact same pen I use! and my favored type of Moleskine!). The main thing it has going for it is how diverse it is--the ensemble is five characters, out of which three are female, and (a different) three are PoC. It's not super original otherwise. But Sophia ♥.
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, then may I try to interest you in Ben and Kate? The characters are filling out nicely, and so far they are avoiding stereotypes. All three of the ladies are faboo (that includes the adorable Maggie Elizabeth Jones), one of them is canon bisexual, though it was talked about as having been in the past, it was presented in a way that makes it seem she still is. It's early in the show's run, but I adore it. :)

Oo, okay, I am now adding Scandal and PLL to my possible marathon list for summer. ♥ I'll also look into Underemployed!
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:14 pm (UTC)
I've heard a lot of good things about Ben and Kate, and I seem to stop every time I come across gifsets of Kate and/or the character Lucy Punch plays, so I may give it a go some time soon.
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
Yay! :)

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